Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt

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Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt
Sinbad jr.jpg
Starring Tim Matheson
Mel Blanc
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 86
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) American International Television, Hanna-Barbera
Original channel Syndicated
Original run 1965 – 1966

Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt, is a series of 5-minute cartoons which originally aired between 1965-1966, produced by Hanna-Barbera studios for the American International Television division of American International Pictures, and were shown during a half-hour cartoon.

Sinbad Jr. (voiced by Tim Matheson) is the son of Sinbad, the famous sea explorer. He becomes superhuman getting his power from his magic belt. His first mate is the funny and loyal assistant Salty the Parrot (voiced by Mel Blanc).

Sinbad Jr., the Sailor was originally titled The Adventures of Sinbad, Jr. and produced for American International Television by Sam Singer. In an effort to improve the quality of the animation, production of the 1965 syndicated cartoons was taken over by Hanna-Barbera, making it one of the few cartoons to be produced by two different studios. It was renamed Sinbad Jr., the Sailor out of deference to the 1962 Toei Studios feature-length cartoon, Adventures of Sinbad.

The rights to the series are now owned by AIP successor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio where the Hanna-Barbera team got its start.


# Title Summary
1 Drubbers
2 Rock around the Rock
3 Ronstermon
4 Captain Sly
5 Caveman Daze
6 Circus Hi Jinks
7 Look Out, Lookout
8 Typical Bad Night
9 Woodchooper Stopper
10 Arabian Knights
11 Moon Madness
12 Sizemograph Laugh
13 Big Belt Bungle
14 Jack and the Giant
15 Turnabout is Foul Play
16 Elephant on Ice
17 Jekyll and Hyde
18 Kooky Spooky
19 Belted About
20 Big Deal Seal
21 The Gold Must Go Through
22 Belt, Buckle and Boom
23 Birdnapper
24 Tiny Tenniputians
25 Big Bully Blubbo Behaves
26 Sinbad Jr. and Moon Rocket
27 The Menace of Venice
28 Bat Brain
29 Invisible Villain
30 Sad Gladiator
31 About Ben Blubbo
32 Hypnotized Guys
33 Sizemodoodle Poodle
34 Faces from Space
35 Mad Mad Movies
36 The Truth Hurts
37 Bird God
38 Evil Wizard
39 Boat Race Ace
40 Knight Fright
41 My Fair Mermaid
42 Frozen Fracas
43 Sea Going Penguin
44 Sinbad Jr. and the Mighty Magnet
45 Tin Can Man
46 Vulture Culture
47 Wild Wax Works
48 Irish Stew
49 Sinbad Jr. and the Counterfeiters
50 Sea Horse Laughs
51 Hot Rod Salty
52 Sunken Treasure
53 Dodo A Go-Go
54 Gold Mine Muddle
55 Paleface Race
56 Surfboard Bully
57 Magic Belt Factory
58 Ride'em Sinbad
59 Sinbad Jr. and the Master Weapon
60 Fly by Knight
61 Rainmaker Fakers
62 Treasure of the Pyramids
63 Killer Diller
64 Railroad Ruckus
65 Teahouse Louse
66 Blubbo Goes Ape
67 Super Duper Duplicator
68 The Good Deed Steed
69 Blubbos Goose Goof
70 Hello Dolphin
71 The Monster Mosquito
72 Cry Sheep
73 Sea Serpent Secret
74 Wacky Walrus
75 Cookie Caper
76 Daze of Old
77 Way Out Mahout
78 Gaucho Blubbo
79 Claim Jumper
80 Space Beetles
81 Dinosaur Horror
82 Kangaroo Kaper
83 Claim Jumpers
84 Trap Happy Trapper
85 Whale of a Tale
86 Wicked Whirlpool