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Sindhi Rajput
Regions with significant populations
(Sindh) Pakistan
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Sindhi Rajputs (Sindhi: سنڌي راجپوت‎) are Sindhi people belonging to the Rajput community and living in Sindh, Pakistan.

Major Sindhi Rajput clans[edit]

Here is a brief description of the major Sindhi Rajput clans:

  • Joyo or Johiya form part of a communities of tribes known as the Sarai that migrated from Punjab in the 18th Century. *Junejo are a clan of Samma Rajputs.
  • Kharal are a clan of the Sarais who immigrated from Punjab in the 18th Century.
  • Mahar are a clan of Bhatti Rajputs, and as such are a Chandravanshi clan.
  • Mangrio are a clan of the Chandravanshi Rajputs. Magrio or Mangria is a clan of Meos. Sindhi Sipahi clans Junejo, Samma, Pano and Mangrio comes from Meos of Rajasthan.
  • Naru Rajput
  • Panhwar or Panwar or Parmar are an Agnivanshi Rajput clan.
  • Rathore are a Suryavanshi Rajput clan. Most of the Rathore have remained Hindu.
  • Rajpar or Rajper are the descendants of Sammat.
  • The Samma claim Yaduvanshi descent.
  • Sahito
  • Siyal

Sindhi-Sipahi of Rajasthan[edit]

The Sindh-Sipahi originally belonged to the family of Chandravanshi Rajputs.[1][full citation needed]

They are sub-divided into various tribes, such as the Bhatti, Sodha, Tonwar , Sahito and Rathore, and further divided into firkas or sub-clans. Their main firkas are the Samma, Saand, Gajju, Bhayyo, Panno, Sithar, and Mahar. The Samma clan is named for its founder and traces its pedigree to Bhati Rajputs.[1]

Prominent Sindhi Rajputs[edit]

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