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سِندهڑى, سنڌڙي

Sindhri (Urdu: سِندهڑى, سنڌڙي‎) is the biggest area in Tharparkar District, Sindh, Pakistan. Muhammad Khan Junejo, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was born in this town.

Sindhri is also a type of mango grown in Sindh.

Coordinates: 25°43′N 69°08′E / 25.717°N 69.133°E / 25.717; 69.133


  1. ^ The Sindhri is the product from the land of Mehran and so the Sindhri is a reflection of the people that sow it and care for it and pluck it off trees and keep it wrapped in hay shreds till the green becomes a vibrant lemon yellow. Its season start from mid-May and ends in mid of June.