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List of Coronation Street characters (2013)

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Coronation Street is a British soap opera first broadcast on Friday 9 December 1960. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in 2013, by order of first appearance. All characters were introduced by series producer, Phil Collinson or his successor, Stuart Blackburn.[1] Faye Windass' biological father, Tim Metcalfe, arrived in January, while Steph Britton and Eric Babbage made their debuts in February. In April, former Waterloo Road actress Katie McGlynn joined the cast as Beth Tinker's niece, Sinead. The year's first baby, Jake Windass, arrived in May. He was followed by Lily Platt in August. September saw the introduction of Grace Piper. Kal Nazir, Ritchie de Vries, Andrea Beckett and Maddie Heath made their first appearances in December.

Tim Metcalfe

For the Australian poet and doctor, see Tim Metcalf.
Tim Metcalfe
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Joe Duttine
Duration 2013–
First appearance 21 January 2013
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Laborer
Window cleaner
Home 4 Coronation Street

Timothy 'Tim' Metcalfe, played by Joe Duttine, made his first screen appearance on 21 January 2013.[2][3] Tim is the biological father of Faye Windass (Ellie Leach).[4] The character was revealed to be entering the show in August 2012 by series producer, Phil Collinson.[5] He stated "We know that Faye's mother is dead, but there's a father out there somewhere and he's going to come along and challenge things for Anna."[5] On 13 January 2013, it was announced that Joe Duttine had been cast in the role of Tim.[3] Tom Eames from Digital Spy reported that Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) would become concerned for her adoptive daughter, Faye, when she makes contact with Tim online.[4] A spokeswoman commented that Anna is hurt when she learns that Faye has contacted Tim and warns him to stay away.[4]

Tim arrives in Weatherfield, after his biological daughter Faye makes contact with him over the internet. Faye begins sneaking out to see Tim, which Anna stops. Tim clashes with Anna's boyfriend Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) but after Faye's insistence they allow her to see Tim. Faye becomes growingly infatuated with her father, which escalates when Tim gets a job and a flat on the street, and Faye's constant pushing makes Anna give in and let her live with Tim, to his initial delight. However, Tim soon realises the independence he has forgone in order to become a full-time father. After Faye lies to Tim about staying with Anna while he goes away, he agrees to let Faye live with Anna again. Owen tells Tim to leave the street, and Tim agrees after deciding Faye would be better off without him. However, Tim has a change of heart after Faye refuses to speak to him and decides to stay after all. Soon after he begins a relationship with Sally Webster, but hides from her in his flat when she plans for them to go to Paris together. After talking to Jason, Tim decides he wants a relationship with Sally. Tim is angry when Sally leaves Faye and her friend Grace on their own, although Grace manipulated the situation to try and cause trouble. When Faye's bullying of Simon Barlow results in Faye being spoken to the police, Tim confides in Sally that he blames himself for not being a good dad.

Tim leaves his job working for Jason to start his own window cleaning business. Shortly afterwards he moves in with Sally. When Maddie Heath breaks into the house, Tim tries to stop her and she punches him. Embarrassed by what has happened, Tim lies to police and tells them a man broke in and he confronted them. Sophie later tells Tim she knows the truth, and agrees to keep quiet.

In May 2014, Tim and Sally realize that their relationship is not working out, so Tim decides to pack his bags, and re-arranges a letting agreement with Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), so that he continue seeing Faye. However, they later re-declare their love for each other, and admit that they were silly to break up over one argument. During a night out at The Bistro, Tim proposes to Sally, to which she accepts, even though that neither of them are ready. The following week, after confessing to each other that they are not ready to get married, Tim publicly asks Sally, in front of The Rovers' regulars "not to marry him", and they seal the deal with a passionate kiss. When Sally's ex-husband, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), returns to the Street, Tim buys him out of Sally's house, of which he still owns half of, so that he can do up his own house, 13 Coronation Street. Although Tim is wary of Kevin to begin with, the pair eventually accept each other on reasonably good terms.

Steph Britton

Steph Britton
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Tisha Merry
Duration 2013–
First appearance 18 February 2013
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Waitress

Stephanie 'Steph' Britton, played by Tisha Merry,[6] made her first screen appearance on 18 February 2013. Steph arrives in Coronation Street alongside Megan Smithson (Amy Dolan) to visit their friend Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote). They meet to discuss Steph's upcoming 18th birthday party at The Bistro. During the party, both Steph and Megan flirt with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras). Steph later "makes a play for Ryan", making Katy jealous.[7]

On 10 August 2013, a reporter from TV Magazine announced that producers were impressed with Merry's portrayal of Steph and signed her up to join the regular cast. She returned at the end of 2013 and the reporter warned viewers that Weatherfield had better "watch out".[8] Foote later told a reporter from Inside Soap that viewers should expect Steph and Katy to cause "lots of mischief" together.[9]

In November 2013, Steph gets a job at the Bistro as a waitress and makes a good impression on Gloria Price (Sue Johnston) and Gail Platt (Helen Worth). In March 2014, Steph's brother Luke (Dean Fagan) arrived on the Street and is now working at the garage with Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

Steph becomes good friends with her flatmate Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and serves as a confidante when she is struggling during her affair with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne). Steph tries to convince Tina that Peter isn't worth it but she won't listen. She is devastated when Tina is pushed off a balcony and beaten with a metal pipe by Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis), and visits her in hospital. She is distraught when Tina later dies from her injuries.

Eric Babbage

Eric Babbage
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Timothy West
First appearance 18 February 2013
Last appearance 25 February 2013
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former, guest
Occupation Businessman

Eric Babbage,[6] played by Timothy West, made his first screen appearance on 18 February 2013.[10] The character and West's casting was announced on 18 December 2012.[10] When asked if he had always been interested in appearing in Coronation Street, West replied "Well I thought 'if Ian McKellen can do it then it's good enough for me!"[11] The actor went on to reveal that the role of Eric appealed to him, as he could not stay long term and the story had "a definite end to it".[11]

Marion McMullen from the Coventry Telegraph reported that Eric is a carpet salesman, who will be introduced as Gloria Price's (Sue Johnston) new love interest.[10] West explained that Eric is a lonely man who works in a boring business. He has some money and wants to spend it by going on a round the world trip, with some company.[11] Eric met Gloria on holiday and they got on well, but he has started to realise that she might not be all that she seems.[11] When Eric meets Gloria's family, he finds himself drawn to her granddaughter, Eva (Catherine Tyldesley), because she is unhappy.[11] West said: "He doesn't want to have a sexual relationship with her at all, he is far too old for one thing. But he does think that they might have some fun together seeing the world. She is funny and intelligent. He sees vulnerability in her that others don't, he doesn't really see the harder side of her."[11] Eric offers to take Eva around the world, as he feels that it would benefit the both of them.[11] Eric becomes "something of a father figure" to Eva and she is devastated when he later dies.[12]

Gloria starts planning a lavish funeral for Eric, assuming that he has left her something in his will. Unfortunately, his solicitor arrives with Eric's wife, Doris, and reveals that not only had they never divorced but she would inherit everything as Eric hadn't changed his will. Doris refused to take over the funeral, threatening a pauper's funeral, so Eva shames Gloria into downgrading the plan slightly so they could pay for it between them. Eva sold a necklace that Eric gave her and Gloria sold her engagement ring so they could give him the send-off they felt he deserved.

Sinead Tinker

Sinead Tinker
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Katie McGlynn
Duration 2013–
First appearance 19 April 2013
Introduced by Phil Collinson
What Would Kirk Do? (2014–15)[13]
Classification Present; regular

Sinead Tinker, played by Katie McGlynn, made her first screen appearance on 19 April 2013.[14] The character and casting was announced on 22 February 2013.[15] Sinead is the niece of established character Beth Tinker (Lisa George).[15] A writer for the serial's official website revealed that Sinead might catch Chesney Brown's (Sam Aston) eye following her arrival.[15] The writer stated "Will new girl Sinead be his light at the end of the tunnel?"[15]

Sinead's aunt, Beth, contacts her and asks her to come to Coronation Street for a visit. Beth tries to set Sinead up with Chesney, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote). The pair really hit it off and Sinead agrees to go on another date with Chesney, but when Katy and her lover Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) arrive, Sinead feels that Chesney is using her to get back at Katy. When Katy moves in with Ryan and his family, Chesney acts like he could not care less, but Sinead can see that he is hurt by Katy's actions. Sinead sees through Chesney and realises that he is using her to get back at Katy, which infuriates her. After a talk with her aunt Beth, Sinead understands that she can't let Chesney use her. When Katy and Ryan ask Chesney and Sinead to look after Katy and Chesney's baby son, Joseph, Chesney tells them that they are going out for the night so they can't. But when the couple return home, Chesney reveals that they are not going out, which angers Sinead. They eventually do, with Beth and Kirk, but leave early as Sinead realises that Chesney does not want to be out. She argues with Chesney in the street, and later clashes with Katy, after she tries to give her boyfriend advice. During a date night, Sinead suggests to Chesney that they have sex, but Chesney turns her down. When Chesney reveals that he does not love her, Sinead says she understands. She stays overnight in Chesney's bed, while he sleeps on the sofa. Unhappy with the relationship, Sinead ends it and leaves. When Katy begs Chesney for another chance, Chesney rejects her and calls Sinead. She asks Chesney not to mess her about and they reunite. Sinead is very supportive when Chesney is told that his foster carer Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) is dying from incurable pancreatic cancer. Sinead also attends Hayley's husband, Roy's (David Neilson), birthday party with Chesney. Sinead gets a job working at Underworld after helping Beth to win an Employee of the Month competition.

Jake Windass

Jake Windass
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Layton and Harley
Duration 2013–
First appearance 27 May 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Present; recurring
Aliases Joe McIntyre

Jake Windass (briefly known as Joe McIntyre) played by twins Layton and Harley,[16] is the son of Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston). He made his first screen appearance on 27 May 2013.[17] On 23 April 2013, Peter Dyke and Katie Begley from the Daily Star reported that Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), who was acting as Gary and Izzy's surrogate, would give birth to a boy two months early in The Rovers.[18] Gary and Izzy decide to name the baby Jake. Their son is forced to stay in hospital because of his small size.[18]

After suffering a miscarriage, Izzy approaches her sister Katy (Georgia May Foote) to carry a baby for her, as Izzy worries that, because of her disability, the pregnancy will be a struggle for herself and the child. As the plans progress, Katy backs out and Tina McIntyre offers to be their surrogate instead, after Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) offers to pay her for doing so. During the pregnancy, Izzy feels left out, while Gary became infatuated with Tina and tries to kiss her. When Tina eventually tells Izzy what happened, the resulting argument and stress causes Tina goes into labour two months early. She gives birth to a boy with Izzy and her ex-boyfriend Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain) by her side. Gary and Izzy decide to name their son, Jake. Jake develops an infection in his intestine and undergoes surgery, which is successful. Tina later announces that she is keeping Jake and decides to rename him Joe, after her father. When Izzy decides to give up the fight for Jake, Tina realises how much she and Gary love him. She then gives Jake back to them.

Lily Platt

Lily Platt
Coronation Street character
Duration 2013–
First appearance 26 August 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Present; recurring

Lily Platt is David (Jack P. Shepherd) and Kylie Platt's (Paula Lane) daughter.[19] She made her first screen appearance on 26 August 2013.[20] That same month, actress Michelle Keegan, who played Tina McIntyre, accidentally posted copies of a future script, which revealed Lily's father to be David.[21] Lane said she was enjoying working with the babies who play Lily, calling them "lovely".[19] She explained "They're still really small so you've got to be really careful with them, because they're so delicate. But they're very well-behaved and one of the babies actually had a close-up shot the other day where she suddenly opened her eyes. I think we've got a natural there."[19]

Kylie has a one-night stand with David's brother Nick (Ben Price) on Christmas Day 2012. She finds out she is pregnant shortly after and is unsure whether the father is Nick or David. David later discovers Kylie and Nick's fling after overhearing Kylie talk about the affair to Gail and realises that the baby may not be his. Kylie goes into labour at home and is found by Sean Tully (Antony Cotton). David's mother Gail (Helen Worth) arrives and helps Kylie deliver a daughter, who is named Lily. Nick is in hospital in a coma, after being injured in a road accident caused by David, at the time of Lily's birth. After Nick regains consciousness and finds out about the birth and wanting to know whether or not he is the father, he tells David to get a DNA test on Lily. David is relieved when the test results reveal that Lily is his daughter. On the day of Lily's christening, David's responsibility for Nick's accident and the previous hate campaign against him, are revealed and Kylie tells David to stay away from Lily. Kylie then decides to raise Lily by herself with Gail's help. Lily continues to live at Number 8 with her mother, grandmother and half-brother Max (Harry McDermott). In January 2014, Kylie gets drunk and falls asleep whilst cooking, putting Max and Lily's lives at risk. David breaks into the house and turns the oven off. He rows with Kylie for putting the children's lives at risk but comforts her when she breaks down in tears. The couple reconcile and Lily has both her parents in her life again.

Grace Piper

Grace Piper
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Ella-Grace Gregoire
First appearance 13 September 2013
Last appearance 16 November 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Student

Grace Piper, played by Ella-Grace Gregoire, made her first screen appearance on 13 September 2013.[22][23] The character and casting was announced on 22 August 2013.[22] Gregoire successfully auditioned for the role after she was talent spotted at the Scream Theatre School in Blackpool.[23] Of her casting, Gregoire commented "I couldn't believe it when I got the part. Now I am mixing with all the other actors who I have been watching for years."[22]

Grace is introduced as a friend of Faye Windass (Ellie Leach). She was described as a "troublesome teenager" by David Sharman from the Blackpool Gazette, while a writer for the Scream Theatre School called her "manipulative" and said she would cause "mayhem".[22][23] A Coronation Street spokesperson stated that Grace would come across as being lovely at first, but she soon wraps the adults round her finger and starts causing trouble.[23] Faye's mother, Anna Windass (Debbie Rush), is "instantly wary" of Grace and believes she is up to no good.[23] The spokesperson added that it is not long before Grace gets Faye into trouble.[23]

Grace is first seen at Faye Windass' (Ellie Leach) house. Despite coming across as charming and polite, she later tells Faye she will be able to get what she wants by being nice to Anna. When Faye tells her she doesn't like Tim's girlfriend Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor), she steals £5 to make it look like Sally has not paid Anna at the café. She later puts the money back and tells Anna she saw Sally drop the money, forcing Sally to apologise. Grace continues to cause trouble for Sally when she tells Faye to tell her dad that she left them on their own, despite the fact that she was the one who asked Sally to get them some sweets. This results in an argument between Sally and Tim.

Although Grace continues to charm Anna, Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) and Sally begin to suspect that she is a bad influence on Faye. Their fears are confirmed when Grace and Faye throw stones at Mary Taylor's (Patti Clare) motor home. The two girls deny the incident, although Owen assures Mary he knows what is going on. Grace then manipulates Faye into throwing a Halloween party and uses the opportunity to annoy Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) by turning up the music. Nick, who had recently suffered brain damage, ends up shouting and having a breakdown. Grace then convinces Faye to again throw stones at Mary's camper van.

When Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) asks Faye to walk her dog, Grace uses the situation to bully Simon Barlow (Alex Bain). After smashing a pot at the house, she then tells Faye to put Simon into one of Amy Barlow's dresses and films it. She then threatens Amy and Simon not to tell anybody what has happened, although Simon tells his stepmother Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson). Although Faye and Grace deny any wrongdoing, a video late emerges and both girls are reported to the police. Grace's mother remains uninterested after hearing about what has happened, and blames Faye. At the police station, Faye finally admits Grace was the one who was in control of the situation and she has been threatening her to misbehave. Grace is later seen at the police station with her mother.

Kal Nazir

Kal Nazir
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jimi Mistry
Duration 2013–15
First appearance 8 December 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Present; regular (departing)
Occupation Soldier
Personal Trainer

Khalid "Kal" Nazir, played by Jimi Mistry, made his first screen appearance on 8 December 2013.[24] The character and Mistry's casting was announced on 2 July 2013.[25] The actor began filming his scenes in September.[25] Of Mistry's casting, series producer Stuart Blackburn commented "I'm thrilled to welcome Jimi to Coronation Street. With credits that include East Is East, The Guru and Blood Diamond, getting him on board is a real coup. Jimi's character is going to have a swift impact on the lives of many in Weatherfield."[25]

Khalid, better known as "Kal", is a friend of Gary Windass (Mikey North), who has gone from being an ex-squaddie to a personal trainer.[25] Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy reported that Kal will "set tongues wagging and pulses racing" when he arrives.[25] The character has been called "charming" and "roguish".[25] While his wandering eye may cause some upset with certain male residents.[25]

On 17 March 2015, it was announced that Mistry would be leaving Coronation Street as part of a dramatic storyline later in the year.[26] Of his exit, Mistry stated "When I was told about this storyline I felt it was a brilliant way to say goodbye to Kal and I am really looking forward to filming my departure scenes. I have had a fantastic 18 months on Coronation Street but I never saw myself staying around forever, my life is in London and I enjoy playing a variety of roles."[26]

When Gary Windass hears Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) complaining about being unfit, he tells him about his friend Kal, who is a personal trainer. Although Dev rejects the idea, Gary arranges a meeting with Kal anyway. After talking things over, Dev accepts Kal's help. Kal tells Dev that he also has two children and that his wife died. Kal meets Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) in the bistro and offers to help him get into shape after his recent brain injury. Nick angrily rejects Kal's offer, but later asks for his help and Kal agrees to take him on. Kal and Dev discuss the idea of opening a gym and later look at a property on Victoria Street. It also becomes clear that Stella fancies Kal, although Dev expresses an interest in her.

Kal begins to develop feelings for Leanne (Jane Danson), Nick's wife from whom he is separated, who initially turns down his advances as she believes that starting a relationship would hurt Nick, especially in his mental state. Kal's father Sharif (Marc Anwar) notices Kal's feelings for Leanne and quizzes her sister Eva (Catherine Tyldesley), who reveals to him that Leanne is an ex-prostitute. Sharif warns Kal that he should not move on quickly, for the sake of his children, who are still grieving over their deceased mother. Kal denies that he has any feelings for Leanne. Leanne's feelings for Kal grow over time, with them kissing after he steps in as a topless waiter in the Bistro. However, Nick professes to Leanne that he still loves her and later hugs her in the street, which Kal sees. Soon after, in the gym, Nick tells Kal that Leanne has given him another chance, leaving him devastated. However, in the Bistro, Leanne tells Kal that she only said she would give him another chance because she felt it would break his heart if she didn't. Sharif double-books Nick and Steve (Simon Gregson), who is training for a charity fun run, so Nick and Steve decide to train with Kal together. Overcome with jealousy, Kal begins to overwork Nick. Whilst boxing with pads as part of their training, Kal pushes Nick so hard that he loses his temper, shouts at him and inadvertently punches Steve in the face. He later apologises to Nick's mother Gail, who is furious with Kal as being pushed to the limit will make Nick's mental state deteriorate again. Nick asks Leanne to have dinner with him at the Bistro on their night out to test new food. But, worried that Nick will get the wrong idea, Leanne asks Eva to come as well. Nick, still unaware that he fancies Leanne, asks Kal to the dinner as well. After the dinner, Kal goes to Leanne's flat where they kiss. When Tina is found on the street after her attempted murder, Leanne tells Nick that she was alone. But later, Kal mentions to Nick that he was with Leanne and so Nick asks if they are seeing each other. Kal tells him that they are. Nick is livid and later storms round to Leanne and Eva's flat to tell Leanne that she is sacked from the Bistro.

Ritchie de Vries

Ritchie de Vries
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Robin Askwith
Duration 2013–14
First appearance 11 December 2013
Last appearance January 2014
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Former; guest
Occupation Singer

Ritchie de Vries, played by Robin Askwith, made his first screen appearance on 11 December 2013.[27] The character and Askwith's casting was announced on 30 September 2013.[28] The actor began filming his first scenes the day of the casting announcement.[28] Ritchie is a "veteran rocker" and close friend of Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie). Dennis used to represent Ritchie "at the height of his fame".[28] When Dennis meets up with Ritchie, he realises how much he loved the music industry and decides to become Ritchie's manager again.[28] However, it soon becomes clear that the business arrangement means nothing to Ritchie, who starts to treat Dennis as more of a roadie.

Andrea Beckett

Andrea Beckett
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Hayley Tamaddon
Duration 2013–
First appearance 23 December 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Present; regular
Occupation History student (2013-14)

Andrea Beckett,[29] played by Hayley Tamaddon, made her first screen appearance on 23 December 2013.[30] The character and Tamaddon's casting was announced on 4 October 2013.[31] Series producer, Stuart Blackburn, commented "I'm absolutely delighted to welcome Hayley to the show. She's a great actress who I know is going to bring plenty of drama to the famous cobbles of Weatherfield."[31] Andrea is a classmate of Steve McDonald's (Simon Gregson), who decides to go back to school. Andrea and Steve become friends and she will "cause a stir" as Steve's girlfriend Michelle (Kym Marsh) becomes suspicious of their friendship.[31] Tamaddon said Andrea is a ladette, who enjoys drinking beer and playing darts.[29] It was later announced that Andrea would be secretly married while she was seeing Lloyd.

Andrea is mentioned by Steve several times before her first appearance. Noticing that Michelle is getting jealous, Steve tells her Andrea is not attractive. However, when Andrea arrives at the Rovers, Michelle realises Steve has lied and takes an instant dislike to her. Steve's friend Lloyd takes a shining to Andrea. When Steve gives Michelle her Christmas present, he doesn't tell her Andrea helped him to choose it. However, Michelle later overhears Lloyd and Steve discussing it and learns Andrea was with him when he bought it, increasing her jealousy. Andrea tells Lloyd she has a teenage son.

Lloyd decided to ask Andrea out and asks Steve for her phone number. Steve refuses to give it to him, but Andrea overhears them and gives Lloyd the number herself. After getting on well, Lloyd and Andrea begin a relationship. When Steve finds out, he is worried that he will be left out. Andrea is secretly pleased because she thinks this gives her a chance of getting Steve in the future, unaware he only sees her as a friend.

Andrea asks Steve to help him with a project they are doing for their history course. However, whilst sitting on the sofa, Andrea asks Steve to come closer so he can see the laptop screen, but he wrongly believes she is coming on to him and she leaves. Steve later apologises to Andrea and they begin the project again. Whilst working on their project, Steve goes out to get kebabs and, on his return, he finds her asleep. In a state of sleep, Andrea believes Steve is Lloyd and pulls him close to her, causing her to fall on him and cover them both in kebab, as Michelle enters.

Lloyd offers Andrea a meal at the Bistro one evening, but Andrea needs to be at home to welcome her husband Neil (William Travis) who is due to return from working on an oil rig in Nigeria. They agree to go for a meal earlier, with her telling Lloyd that she needs to go to work later. Andrea gets angry when Lloyd tries to persuade her to stay and storms out of the Bistro. Lloyd then leaves her a message apologising for being forceful, but Andrea unplugs the phone as her husband returns. She pretends the phone is broken so that Neil doesn't know about Lloyd. Andrea decides to split from Neil, confiding in Michelle about the problem. Lloyd finds out and, as Andrea dumps Neil and moves into Lloyd's with the bags, she realises he knows he was a bit on the side and he throws her bags out of the door. Steve consoles Andrea and Neil sees them, believing she was cheating with Steve. Neil finds out that Andrea is in a relationship with Lloyd. Neil finds it difficult to accept that Andrea is in a relationship with Lloyd. When Neil gets the wrong end of the stick and believes that Andrea is engaged to Lloyd he goes to the roof of the pub. Andrea tries to get Neil down and puts herself in potential danger. Neil and Andrea after a while return to safety. Neil accepts that Andrea and Lloyd are in a relationship. Neil leaves for work, however tells Andrea and Lloyd that he will not completely severe ties with Andrea due to Jess.

Maddie Heath

Madeline Ivy Heath
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Amy James-Kelly
Duration 2013–15
First appearance 25 December 2013
Introduced by Stuart Blackburn
Classification Present; regular (departing)
Occupation Packer

Madeline Ivy "Maddie" Heath, played by Amy James-Kelly, made her first screen appearance on 25 December 2013.[32] Maddie was introduced as a love interest for Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent).[32] Maddie is homeless and she and Sophie meet at a soup kitchen. Sophie's mother, Sally (Sally Dynevor), will "take an instant disliking" to Maddie.[32] Vincent commented "Maddie shakes things up, she's very much a Kylie Platt or Becky McDonald character but a lot worse. She's very demanding and hard to read – you're intrigued by her. I think she's a good match for Sophie, who stands her ground with her."[32] David Brown from the Radio Times praised the character, saying "It seems to me that Maddie is fast turning into this season's Becky Granger. Which isn't a bad thing – actress Amy Kelly does have the convincing feel of a Katherine Kelly about her."[33] On 15 June 2014, it was revealed that Kelly had signed a new contract that would see her stay on the show for another year.[34] Kelly was originally only meant to stay on the show for a short time, but following Blackburn's promise to keep Maddie on the show as long as he was executive producer, she was offered a longer stay.[34]

Maddie is first seen at the homeless shelter on Christmas Day. After Sally makes a comment about her having bad manners, she pushes her face into a trifle. When Sally notices her handbag has gone missing, she blames Maddie, although she denies any knowledge of it. Sally is upset when she finds out her watch was left in her stolen handbag, and so Sophie asks Maddie for it back. Maddie asks for fifty pounds in response, but Sophie tricks her and refuses to pay her the money. Furious, Maddie breaks into the Webster's house and steals the watch back. When Sophie confronts her again, Maddie reveals her mother is mentally ill and she has a younger brother, Ben. Maddie later kisses Sophie. Sophie invites Maddie back to her house for dinner on her birthday, but she later leaves after Sally offends her.


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Mr Benedict 15 February Kevin Pallister[35] Mr Benedict manages a local casino. He is confronted by Roy Cropper whose mother, Sylvia, gambled in the casino and lost a large amount of money. Sylvia and Roy return to the casino, with Ken Barlow and Dennis Tanner. Roy manages to win back his mother's money, which irritates Mr Benedict. However, he later congratulates Roy as he collects his winnings.
Megan Smithson 18 February-? Amy Dolan[6] Megan is a friend of Katy Armstrong and Steph Britton. They meet up to discuss Steph's upcoming 18th birthday party at The Bistro. During the party, both Steph and Megan flirt with Ryan Connor.
Doris Babbage 1 March Helen Fraser[36] Doris is Eric Babbage's wife. She comes to the Rovers Return to meet Gloria Price, Eric's fiancée. Doris reveals that Eric's will stipulates that she gets his entire estate.
Toni Griffiths 6–20 March Tara Moran[37] Toni is Paul Kershaw's colleague, who helps him with his proposal to Eileen Grimshaw. Toni later organises a charity event featuring the local men doing the Full Monty at The Bistro. Toni and Paul help out when the Rovers Return catches fire. Toni goes inside and gets Karl Munro out of one of the bedrooms when the roof collapses. She dies from her injuries.
Consultant 20 March–3 April Victoria Carling This consultant appears after Sunita Alahan is found in The Rovers Return Inn fire. She helps Sunita's ex-husband Dev get through Sunita's coma, and when Sunita looks like she is going to regain consciousness, Karl Munro murders her by removing her oxygen tube, as Sunita knew that Karl started the fire at The Rovers. The consultant then reveals this to Dev, who is devastated and repeatedly tells her that she is wrong and that he doesn't want his twin children, Aadi and Asha to go motherless so soon.
DS Willetts 24 March–13 September James Quinn DS Willetts is investigating The Rovers Return Inn fire, and questions Stella Price, the pub's landlady, about the blaze. He and his colleague, DC Leslie then wait for Sunita Alahan to awake from her coma, as she was trapped in the fire, but no one knows why. The real arsonist, Stella's former boyfriend Karl Munro, plants the keys he used to gain access to the pub in Sunita's belongings, leading to her becoming the prime suspect. Willetts then reveals this to Stella, Karl, Stella's mum Gloria Price and Stella's daughter Eva Price. As Sunita begins to show signs of regaining consciousness, Karl murders her by removing her oxygen tube. This shocks Willetts and Leslie, so they question Stella and Karl again about the night of the fire and their past with Sunita. In May, Sunita's ex-husband Dev Alahan decides to re-open the case to clear Sunita's name, so Willetts and a colleague arrive at Coronation Street to see what evidence Dev has. When it is shown that Dev has no evidence to clear Sunita's name, Willetts leaves. Dev, Jason Grimshaw, Kirk Sutherland, Beth Tinker and her teenage son Craig Tinker all arrive at the police station in September, and reveal that Karl has been threatening Craig to keep quiet about the night of the fire, as Craig saw Karl leaving the pub just as it exploded with flames. Craig explains all to Willetts in a questioning room. Karl later holds Stella and Dev hostage in The Rovers, but Stella manages to persuade Karl to hand himself in for her. Karl is later arrested by DS Willetts for the murders of Sunita Alahan and Toni Griffiths, the fire at The Rovers and terrorising young Craig.
DC Leslie 24 March–5 April Syreeta Kumar A colleague of DS Willetts' in the investigation of The Rovers Return Inn fire. She helps Willetts question Stella Price, the pub's landlady, and awaits for Sunita Alahan to wake up from her coma, as she was also trapped in the fire. Sunita dies, so Leslie and Willetts question Stella again, this time about her past with Sunita.
Stan Whitmore 25–29 March David Williams Stan is a friend of Sylvia Goodwin's from the 1 O'clock Club. When he discovers that Sylvia is suffering due to her arthritis, Stan supplies her with chocolate brownies that secretly contain cannabis. Sylvia is mortified when she discovers this, and tells Stan to leave her alone. This leads to another batch of brownies being made for Sylvia, which she claims eases the pain of her arthritis. She lends some to Dennis Tanner due to his back ache, but she is left mortified when she learns that Anna Windass has sold the rest to Dennis's wife Rita. Sylvia and Dennis rush to The Kabin, where the pair snatch the brownies from Rita, Norris Cole and Mary Taylor. Rita discovers that the brownies have cannabis in them, and contacts Sylvia's son Roy to try to talk sense into Sylvia. Rita, Roy and Dennis manage to persuade Sylvia to visit Dr Matt Carter to see what the side effects of cannabis are.
Nicola Waite 16–19 April Maxine Burth Nicola is a social worker who visits Anna Windass after her adoptive daughter Faye has raised an allegation of child abuse against her. Nicola and her colleague Stephen Bowyer both question Anna, and then question Faye at the police station. After questioning Faye, Nicola re-visits Anna, telling her that Faye has dropped all charges against her. Anna then reveals to Nicola that she only raised them in the first place so that she could stay with her biological father, Tim Metcalfe.
Stephen Bowyer 16–19 April Dana Haqjoo Stephen is a police officer for the Child Protection Unit. He accompanies his colleague Nicola Waite to Anna Windass's house. It is soon revealed that Anna's adoptive daughter Faye has raised a child abuse allegation against Anna. Stephen and Nicola question Anna, and then Stephen questions Faye at the police station. Faye constantly asks Stephen whether Anna will go to prison, and when Izzy Armstrong reveals it is a possibility, Faye admits she has lied and that Anna has never hit her. Stephen is not seen again, but Nicola appears when she arrives at Anna's house to inform her that Faye has dropped all charges against her.
Dorothy 6 May Margaret Jackman Dorothy is an old friend of Sylvia Goodwin's. Sylvia visits Dorothy at her old retirement home with her daughter-in-law Hayley Cropper. Dorothy, Sylvia and Hayley talk, where Dorothy gives Sylvia a letter that should have been opened in December 2011. It is addressed to Sylvia's son, Roy, and is from his father, St John. After opening and reading the letter, Sylvia decides to leave with Hayley, upsetting Dorothy. It then transpires that St John ran out on Sylvia and Roy when Roy was 10-years-old.
Margaret Cropper 17 May Helen Cotterill[38] Margaret is Roy's stepmother. Roy and Hayley visit Margaret in Blackburn and reveal that they have come to meet Roy's father St John. Margaret refers to St John in the past tense, which leads Roy to realise that his father has died. Feeling bad, Margaret tells Roy that he has two half-brothers and one half-sister. Margaret then gives Roy an old-fashioned train set that St John left him in his will. Margaret says that she is sorry for Roy's loss and he says the same to her, before leaving.
Lee 24 May Darren Connolly Lee is a friend of Rob Donovan's who helps him and his girlfriend Tracy Barlow rob silk from his sister Carla Connor's factory, Underworld. To help Rob and Tracy, Lee punches Tracy to make it look like she could do nothing to stop him from taking the silk. Tracy then returns to Underworld and informs Rob, Carla and Michelle Connor of the assault.
PC Brewer 24 May Chris Jack PC Brewer arrives at Underworld factory after Tracy Barlow is assaulted while delivering silk to another company. Tracy's boyfriend Rob Donovan, Rob's sister Carla Connor and Carla's best friend Michelle Connor watch as Tracy is interviewed by PC Brewer, and Carla and Michelle both share their thoughts on Tracy's attack.
Ant Edmunds 26–27 May, 8 July, 7 August Alexander Newland Ant is a friend of Paul Kershaw's from the fire station. He helps Paul and his girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw persuade Dev Alahan to attend The Rovers Return re-opening. It then transpires that Ant was a good friend to recently deceased fire fighter, Toni Griffiths. Ant then attends The Rovers re-opening with Paul and Eileen. He is last seen playing darts with Paul. Ant returns in July, and has a drink with Paul, Eileen, Lloyd Mullaney and Steve McDonald. He reveals that he and Paul were called on a hoax call, which angers them. When Paul makes an off-colour remark in front of Lloyd and his family, Paul tells Eileen that he is not racist to Ant at work. Ant is next seen helping on the scene when David Platt and Nick Tilsley get in a car accident.
Consultant 3 June Ravin J Ganatra This consultant tells Izzy Armstrong, Gary Windass and Tina McIntyre that baby Joe has caught a bowel infection and needs to have emergency surgery. This upsets Tina, Joe's legal mother. As Gary, Izzy, Tina, along with Tina's boyfriend, Tommy Duckworth, Gary's mum, Anna Windass and Izzy's dad, Owen Armstrong wait for news, the consultant returns and reveals the operation went well, and Joe will be allowed home in a few days.
Ben Coombs 3 - 7 June Johann Myers

Ben and Andy are old friends of Marcus Dent and Sean Tully. Sean bumps into Ben outside Underworld and he invites both him and Marcus to his wedding to Andy Bartholomew on 7 June, unaware the pair have split up. Ben is disappointed to hear this, but hopes both will attend the wedding anyway. Unbeknown to Ben and Andy, Marcus is now in a heterosexual relationship with Maria Connor. When Marcus brings Maria to the wedding reception, initially introducing her as his "best mate", Sean then tells Ben and Andy that the pair are in fact dating Maria, shocking the newly married couple. Ben and Andy accuse Marcus of denying who he is, leading Marcus to state that he's "a gay man who has fallen in love with a woman". This causes problems for Marcus and Maria's relationship, as Maria had not realised Marcus still identified as gay.

Andy Bartholomew Lee Colley
Paddy Kinsey 12 June Sonny Cusworth Paddy, his mother Megan and news reporter Will Reade visit Paul Kershaw house after Paul saves Paddy from a burning building. It is revealed that nobody knew that Paddy was in the bedroom when the fire started, which upsets Megan as she thinks she is a bad mother. This stuns Paul's partner Eileen Grimshaw, her son Jason and lodger Sean Tully. Paddy gives Paul a picture that he drew of him to say thanks for saving his life, which angers Eileen as she thought that Paul was at a hoax call.
Megan Kinsey Louise Atkins
Will Reade Dominic Doughty
Lad 1 28 June Matthew Tomlinson These lads are seen on the Red Rec when Roy Cropper is sleepwalking. They both insult Roy and laugh at him, but when they realise he cannot hear them, they both ride off on their bikes.
Lad 2 Ciaran Clancy
PC Smith 28 June William Fox PC Smith appears when Hayley Cropper and Sylvia Goodwin call the police when Hayley's husband and Sylvia's son, Roy goes missing after going sleepwalking. PC Smith departs after Deirdre Barlow brings Roy back to the café.
Jamie-Lee 5–10 July Kate Holderness Jamie-Lee is a girl who exchanges numbers with Ryan Connor and shares a kiss with him, but they are both unaware that they have been spotted by Beth Tinker and Kirk Sutherland. Ryan's girlfriend Katy Armstrong sees a series of text messages from Jamie-Lee to Ryan and follows Ryan to a bar, where she sees him with Jamie-Lee. Katy slams her handbag on the table where they are sitting and insults Jamie-Lee's age, and ends her relationship with Ryan.
Naila 8 July Saira Choudhry Naila is a journalist from the Weatherfield Gazette who arrives at Leanne Tilsley's student night at the bistro. She is bored while listening to Leanne and her husband Nick Tilsley, as she feels her boss deliberately gives her boring stories to write. When Leanne's brother-in-law David Platt calls the police and claims that there are drugs being used at the Bistro, the police turn up and a drugs raid begins. Naila loves this, and writes most of the story in her notebook, but Nick and David throw her out.
PC Burke 8 July Giles Ford PC Burke arrives at the bistro and declares a drugs raid after David Platt calls the police for revenge on his big brother, Nick Tilsley. PC Burke does not allow anyone to leave including Gail Platt, Mary Taylor, Kirk Sutherland and Beth Tinker. PC Burke also speaks to Naila for her newspaper article.
Police officer 8 July Serena Ryan This police officer accompanies PC Burke as he raids the Bistro looking for drugs after the police are called by David Platt as revenge on his big brother Nick Tilsley.
Dr Akhtar 15–19 July Vinny Dhillon Dr Akhtar calls Hayley Cropper back to the Medical Centre after receiving the results of her recent tests. She reveals to Hayley that the results show signs of abnormal liver function, so she books Hayley in for an ultrasound scan. After having the ultrasound scan, Dr Akhtar calls Hayley to the Medical Centre once more, where she tells Hayley that there is a blockage in her bile duct. Hayley is confused by this, so asks for a more clear explanation and Dr Akhtar tells her she may have cancer.
Sonographer 19 July Emily Pollet The sonographer performs an ultrasound scan on Hayley Cropper.
Mr Peakman 22 July–2 September Simon Armstrong Mr Peakman is the consultant diagnoses Hayley Cropper with stage-two pancreatic cancer. He explains to a devastated Hayley that she will need an operation and chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer. He tells her that one in five patients are living a healthy life five years after. He appears again when Hayley's distressed husband Roy wants to discuss with him Hayley's treatment, but the consultant refuses to discuss anything while Hayley is absent. He helps Hayley prepare for her operation in September, but when he begins to operate on her, he breaks the dreadful news to Roy and Hayley that her cancer is incurable.
Nurse Alice 22 July–5 September Juliet Ellis Alice is a nurse who is present when Hayley Cropper is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Alice also helps Hayley when she is told that her cancer is terminal.
Secretary 26 July Frog Stone The secretary refuses to let Roy Cropper see the consultant, who diagnosed his wife Hayley with pancreatic cancer. The consultant does let Roy see him, but orders Roy to apologise to the secretary.
Jeweller 26 July Marc Parry A jeweller who helps Carla Connor and Peter Barlow while they are shopping for an engagement ring for Carla.
Hannah 23 September Natalie Armstrong Hannah is a girl who has sex with Ryan Connor. She is seen talking to Ryan's mother Michelle before leaving.
Pat Phelan 2 October- Connor McIntyre Owen Armstrong complains about Pat when he fails to pay him. Owen hears that Pat has gone bankrupt and has done it to avoid having to pay him. Owen confronts Pat's wife, but she also refuses to pay. Determined to get his money, Owen and Gary Windass break into Pat's house and find the keys to his motorbike. Owen then drives the bike away and tells Pat he can have it back when he is paid. Pat eventually relents and pays Owen and is given his motorbike back. Pat returns months later with a business proposal for Owen, and tells him he will have to front it because he will not be allowed to as he is bankrupt. Owen tells him he will consider his offer.
Jude Cronk 9 October Jemima Abey Jude is the manager of the cancer support group that Roy and Hayley Cropper attend.
Jane Rayner 9 October–11 November Heather Bleasdale Jane is a bubbly friend of Hayley Cropper's whom she meets at a cancer support group. Like Hayley, Jane is also dying from inoperable pancreatic cancer. Hayley, Jane, Jane's husband Jeff and Hayley's husband Roy all sit down for a talk. Jeff tells Roy and Hayley that Jane will spend the final days of her life in a hospice, which helps Hayley make her mind up about what she would like to do for her last days. Roy tells Hayley that he dislikes Jane. She and Jeff appear again when Jane, Jeff, Roy and Hayley all meet in Weatherfield. Jane explains to Hayley that the difficult part about her illness is that she will never see her young children grow up. Hayley is later informed that Jane has been rushed into a hospice, so she and Roy go to visit her. Hayley is stunned about how dazed Jane is after taking morphine. A fews weeks later, Hayley collapses and is rushed to hospital. When she returns, she is desperate to visit Jane, but Roy persuades her to rest. When they visit the next day, Jeff arrives and reveals that Jane has passed away at 10.21pm the previous night. Hayley is devastated, and she and Roy both attend Jane's funeral in November.
Jeff Rayner Jim Millea


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