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Sing Tao Daily, Toronto edition
Sing Tao Daily Offices, Toronto.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Sing Tao Group of Hong Kong, Toronto Star
Founded 1978
Political alignment moderate
Language Chinese
Headquarters 221 Whitehall Drive, Markham, Ontario
L3R 9T1
Circulation 180,000
Official website Sing Tao Canada (Chinese)
Sing Tao Daily (Canada)
Chinese 星島日報

The Sing Tao Daily (Chinese: 星島日報; pinyin: Xīngdǎo Rìbào), or Sing Tao (Chinese: 星島; pinyin: Xīngdǎo) for short, is one of a few Chinese language newspapers in Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario, it is owned by the Sing Tao Group of Hong Kong and the Toronto Star. In Toronto, the Sing Tao Daily publishes its Canada Eastern Edition (加東版 Pinyin: Jiā Dōng Bǎn).

A Canada Western Edition (加西版 Pinyin: Jiā Xī Bǎn) in Vancouver, British Columbia and an Alberta Edition in Calgary, Alberta has also been published since 1988.

The paper, the only Chinese language newspaper located in 3 different Canadian cities, is published 7 days a week in the broadsheet format. News coverage includes national, provincial, and local news, international news, Hong Kong news, news from other parts of China (both Mainland China and Taiwan), plus business, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

Supplements (magazines)[edit]

The Sing Tao publishes several weekly magazines. Unlike the situation in Hong Kong where the magazines are sold as separate publications, these are more properly called supplements that come free with the paper. The pages inside the magazines are also printed on newsprint instead of glossy paper.

The free magazines that come with the Canada Eastern edition are:

  • Friday — Home Choice Magazine (雅居 Pinyin: yǎ jū), a tabloid-sized home living/buying magazine with about 1/4 editorial content (original editorial content plus a small but noticeable number of advertorials)
  • Saturday — the Sing Tao Weekly (星島週刊 Pinyin: xīng dǎo zhōu kān), an entertainment-and-lifestyle magazine with mostly local content
  • Sunday — the Star Magazine (星週刊 Pinyin: xīng zhōu kān), a tabloid-sized entertainment-and-news magazine with mostly Hong Kong content

From time to time, special supplements are also published.



Sing Tao Daily has a majority stake in Toronto First Radio AM 1540 with minority holder Fairchild Group. The station began operations on January 28, 2008 as A1 Chinese Radio.

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