Singha Durbar

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Lion Palace
The main gateway to Lion Palace

Singha Durbar (literal translation to English: The Lion Palace) Nepali: सिंहदरवार in Kathmandu is the official seat of government of Nepal and the largest Palace in Asia. Originally built by the Rana dynasty, it was known as the largest palace in Nepal and in Asia. In 1904, this was the private Property of Prime Minister Dev S. J. .B Rana who was forced to abdicate by Prime Minister Chandra S. J. .B Rana and his brothers. It is claimed to be the biggest and most luxurious palace in Asia and until 1973, was the largest government secretariat in Asia. It was the private residence of the hereditary Prime Minister of Nepal. The lion palace used to house both chambers of the Parliament of Nepal (the Pratinidhi Sabha, or House of Representatives, and the Rashtriya Sabha, or House of the States) before the formation of the Constituent Assembly for the promulgation of a new constitution. Currently, it houses many ministries and government offices.

Singha Durbar is also the headquarters of Radio Nepal and Nepal Television.

Singha Durbar was designed by Kishore Narsingh Rana as neo-classical architecture typical of the style of the 19th century.

A substantial portion of the Singha Durbar was destroyed by fire in 1973; much of the damage has since been rebuilt.