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For the Australian synthpop band, see Single Gun Theory.

Single Bullet Theory was an American new wave band from Richmond, Virginia.

They are not to be confused with the Philadelphia band, also called Single Bullet Theory, which has released a series of metal rock albums starting in 2000. Their first album was self-released; since then they have released albums on the Phoenix-based label, Crash Music.[1]


The band was founded in 1976 under the name X-Breed;[2] the new moniker was adopted after the addition of a guitarist and bassist to the original three-person lineup. They self-released an EP in 1977 and by 1979 were opening for Patti Smith.[3] After landing a song on the Asylum Sharp Cuts compilation album, they signed with Mike Curb Productions, but left the label before releasing any material. In 1982 they signed to CBS Records subsidiary Nemperor and released a full-length album. The single "Keep it Tight" appeared on MTV and reached #78 on the Billboard Hot 100,[4] A second single "Hang on to your Heart" was test marketed in the United States Virgin Islands and reached #1 but CBS pulled all promotion on the band; the single was never released and the group disbanded shortly after.[3][5]


  • Michael Maurice Garrett - vocals, saxophone, guitar
  • Frank Daniel - guitar, bass
  • Dennis Madigan - drums
  • Gary Alan Holmes - guitar
  • Michael Muller - bass
  • Barry Fitzgerald - keyboards
  • Davey Wynn - bass
  • Mudd Herman - guitar
  • Keith MacPhee - bass
  • Mark Lewis - guitar
  • Band members changed over the years; the final line-up included Garrett/Madigan/Holmes/Muller and Fitzgerald



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