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EP by The Church
Released December 8th, 1982
Recorded Studio 301, Sydney 1982
Genre Alternative rock
Label EMI Parlophone
Producer The Church
Bob Clearmountain (co-producer on "I Am a Rock")
The Church chronology
The Blurred Crusade

Sing-songs is an EP by The Church.

Spurred on by record company insistence, the EP Sing-Songs came on the heels of the Church's 1982 album The Blurred Crusade. Unlike the polished nature of its predecessors, the release's material was quickly written and recorded for U.S. label Capitol Records as potential singles. After being rejected, the songs were put together and released without being re-recorded.

Sing-songs was long considered the most difficult item in the Church's catalog to obtain. Released in fairly limited vinyl pressings initially, it was soon deleted and confined to the collectible's market until being repackaged and re-released on CD in 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "A Different Man" (Kilbey)
  2. "Ancient History" (Kilbey)
  3. "The Night is Very Soft" (Kilbey/R. Kilbey)
  4. "In This Room" (Kilbey)
  5. "I Am a Rock" (Simon)