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The Sinhgad Express (Marathi: सिंहगड एक्स्प्रेस) is an express train which plies daily between the cities of Pune and Mumbai in India. It is operated by the Indian Railways and comes under the Central Railway zone and is one of the six point-to-point express trains which carry thousands of passengers daily between Pune and Mumbai, the other five being Pragati Express, Deccan Queen, Deccan Express, Indrayani Express and Intercity Express.

11010 Sinhgad Express

Sinhgad Express is named after the fort of Sinhgad which means a Lion's Fort located in Pune.


Sinhgad Express departs from Pune Station at 06:05 IST and reaches Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai at 09.55 IST. It leaves Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai on the same day at 14:30 IST and reaches Pune Station at 18:40 IST on the same day. It covers a distance of 192 km in one direction during its journey. Its train number is 11010 while travelling from Pune to Mumbai, whereas the train number is 11009 during the return journey from Mumbai to Pune.


Sinhgad Express Departs From Mumbai CST at 02:30PM and Arrives Pune Junction at 06:40PM. There are 10 halts between Mumbai CST and Pune Junction.

Stations Arrives Time Departs Time Halt Time
Mumbai CST - CSTM 02:30PM - -
Dadar Central/DR 02:43PM 02:45PM 2 min
Thane/TNA 03:08PM 03:10PM 2 min
Kalyan Junction/KYN 03:28PM 03:30PM 3 min
Karjat/KJT 04:08PM 04:10PM 2 min
Khandala/KAD 04:53PM 04:55PM 2 min
Lonavala/LNL 05:08PM 05:10PM 2 min
Chinchvad/CCH 05:45PM 05:47PM 2 min
Pimpri/PMP 05:50PM 05:52PM 2 min
Khadki/KK 06:03PM 06:05PM 2 min
Sivajinagar/SVJR 06:13PM 06:15PM 2 min
Pune Junction/PUNE 06:40PM -

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