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In computing, a sink or event sink is a class or function designed to receive incoming events from another object or function. This is commonly implemented in C++ as callbacks. Object-oriented languages, such as Java and C#, have built-in support for sinks by allowing events to be fired to delegate functions.

It can also be considered the end-point or output point. For example, a buffer stream would often have a source (into which the data is put) and a sink (whereto the data is written out). Another way of thinking about it could be like a black hole—the source is where everything goes in and the sink is where it all goes at the other end. This is often seen in C++ and hardware-related programming.

The word sink has been used for both input and output in the industry.Mobile sink is proposed to save sensor energy for multihop communication in tranferingdata to a base station(sink)in wireless sensor networks