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Sinnion (Synion) was Hunno-Bulgar leader from 551 into the 550s, who had once served under Belisarius in the Vandal campaigns.[1] Sinnion led 2000 of Kutrigur Huns who were defeated.[2] He led a group of 600 Massagetæ Huns in the Belisarius invasion of 533.[3][2] Under Sinnion, 2000 Bulgars were settled in Thrace by Justinian I. Following on his heels in history, a complex dynamic involving Justinian I, Sandilch, Zabergan, Kandik and Sarosios ensued.


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Preceded by
Ruler in Onoguria Succeeded by
Pseudo-Avar Kagan Kandik
Utigur Khan Sandilch