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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a 17th-18th century German polymath who made significant contributions in many areas of physics, logic, history, librarianship, and studied numerous aspects of Chinese culture

A Sinophile (from sino- meaning "Chinese" [originating through Persian and Sanskrit from Late Latin Sinæ] and -philos meaning "loving" [from Greek ϕίλος])[1] is a person who demonstrates a strong interest and love for Chinese culture or its people.[2] It is also commonly used to describe those knowledgeable of Chinese history and culture (such as scholars and students), non-native Chinese language speakers, pro-Chinese politicians, and people perceived as having a strong interest in any of the above.

Typical interests of Sinophiles[edit]

Notable Sinophiles[edit]







  • Marco Polo (馬可·波羅), Venetian merchant and traveler; wrote about his travels in Yuan China and became an imperial official.
  • Matteo Ricci (利瑪竇 or 利玛窦), Jesuit priest who spent decades in the imperial court of the Ming.




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