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Sinsini is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°22′N 77°17′E / 27.367°N 77.283°E / 27.367; 77.283Coordinates: 27°22′N 77°17′E / 27.367°N 77.283°E / 27.367; 77.283
Country  India
State Rajasthan
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Sinsini is a village in Bharatpur district in Rajasthan, India, situated at a distance of 20 km to the south from Deeg city. It is the place of origin of Sinsinwars who were the rulers of princely state Bharatpur. Before the formation of Bharatpur state the capital of Sinsinwars was at Sinsini.

Sinsini earlier was known as 'Shoor saini' and its inhabitants were known as 'Saur Sen'. The influence of Saur Sen people can be judged from the fact that the dialect of the entire northern part of India at one time was known as 'Saursaini'.

Shoor Sain people claim to be Chandra Vanshis. A group of Yadavas were followers of Shiv and Vedic God in Sindh.The above group of Yadavas came back from Sindh to Brij area and occupied Bayana in Bharatpur district. After some struggle the 'Balai' inhabitants were forced by Shodeo and Saini rulers to move out of Brij land and thus they occupied large areas. 'Saur Saini' was changed to 'ShinShoor' or 'Sinsini' after their God 'Shin'. These people of Sinsini were called Sinsinwar.


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  • surendra jat from Sinsini village - there are a pond which is consutruted by Maharaja Badan Singh in old time. it is very beautiful place for morning walk. it is very important resource for drinking water for this villager. there a bank branch of panjab national bank. there are a Senior secondary School and about 3 other Private school.There are a big historycal temple of Sinsina Baba it is traditional god of sinsinwar Jat cast. there are helhd social meeting for justice.

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