Sint Maarten general election, 2010

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The Sint Maarten general election of 2010 (formally: island council elections of 2010) were held on 17 September 2010. The election was formally held for the island council of the island area Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles), but its members automatically became members of the Estates of Sint Maarten after Sint Maarten received country status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 10 October 2010. Early elections were needed because the island council was enlarged from 11 to 15 seats.[1]


Four parties handed in their candidate lists for the election. The election resulted in a victory for the National Alliance led by William Marlin. United People was a newcomer on the electoral field and was led by Theo Heyliger, a former member of the island government for the Democratic Party and won 6 seats. [2]

e • d  Summary of the Sint Maarten general election results, 2010
Parties Party leader Votes  % Seats
National Alliance (NA) William Marlin 6,298 46 7
United People's Party (UPP) Theo Heyliger 4,943 36 6
Democratic Party (DP) Sarah Wescot-Williams 2,339 17 2
Concordia Political Alliance (CPA) Jeffrey Richardson 128 1 0
Total 13,708 100 15
Source: The Daily Herald

After the election, the Democratic Party entered into a coalition with United People. Despite only having won two seats, the Democratic Party will delivered Sint Maarten's first Prime Minister, Sarah Wescot-Williams.[3]