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Siobhan MacGowan (born in Brighton, England in 1963) is an Anglo-Irish journalist and musician. She is the sister of Shane MacGowan, lead singer of the Irish group The Pogues.

The Pogues[edit]

When the Pogues started out as "Pogue Mahone" in the early 1980s, MacGowan designed posters and flyers to advertise their gigs. She also worked for the Pogues in 1988, editing and writing their fanzine, 'Ordnahone'.


In 1988, MacGowan moved to Dublin, Ireland and formed a band called The Frantic. The Frantic performed MacGowan's songs around such venues as The Rock Garden, The Baggot Inn and the Olympia Theatre. She also supported Hazel O'Connor (Breaking Glass) on an Irish tour and Mary Coughlan at the Mean Fiddler in London. In 1992, her video, Chariot, was shown on MTV on Christmas Day. In 1997, she recorded her album, Chariot, for Murgatroid Records, Limerick, which was released in Ireland and the UK in April 1998. She performed at the Point Theatre in Dublin with The Dubliners and Shane MacGowan on Christmas, 1998.

She worked as Van Morrison's personal assistant from 1992-1994, travelling the USA and Europe with him.

In 2002, MacGowan released a second edition of the album Chariot, containing a bonus track: 10. I love him with a Grace

Journalism, press and copywriting[edit]

MacGowan has worked at the Kent & Sussex Courier (Associated Press) as a journalist and a copywriter for their advertising pages. She freelanced in journalism for various London and Kent based advertising agencies and wrote articles for Smash Hits, Record Mirror, and FSM Monthly. She also worked for the Phillip Hall Press Agency in London in the 1980s. In 1994, she moved to County Tipperary (Ireland) and worked for the Tipperary NR Council Arts Office, as part of a team coordinating an arts festival. MacGowan was in charge of logos, posters and press, and also oversaw songwriting competitions.

She currently works as a freelance journalist and has written for The Irish Times, The Sunday Times, the Irish Mirror and Mizz Magazine. She has a copywriting business, "The Write Way", and does art commissions, and Celtic and funky art, under the registered business name of "Cat MacZebedee". Her children's novel, Etain's Dream, was part-serialised in the Nenagh Guardian Dec 2007-May 2008. As of June 2011 it is a work in progress.

Other work[edit]

She has acted in Patrick Bergin's Yeats trilogy, Countess Kathleen.

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