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Pont menat 3.jpg
The bridge over the Sioule in Menat.
Origin Massif Central
Mouth Allier
46°21′57″N 3°19′11″E / 46.36583°N 3.31972°E / 46.36583; 3.31972 (Allier-Sioule)Coordinates: 46°21′57″N 3°19′11″E / 46.36583°N 3.31972°E / 46.36583; 3.31972 (Allier-Sioule)
Basin countries France
Length 167 km
Source elevation 1,090 m (3,580 ft)
Mouth elevation 222 m (728 ft)
Avg. discharge 26 m³/s
Basin area 2,468 km²

The Sioule is a 167 kilometres (104 mi) long river in central France, left tributary of the river Allier. Its source is near the village Orcival, north of Mont-Dore, in the Massif Central. The Sioule has cut a deep gorge, especially in its upper course. The Sioule flows generally northeast through the following départements and towns:

The Sioule (in the Central of France ) flows into the river Allier at La Ferté-Hauterive, 10 km (6 mi) north of Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule.

Its main tributaries are the Sioulet and the Bouble.

The Fades viaduct, the tallest bridge in France, is located on the Sioule.