Sir Charles Gounter Nicoll

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Sir Charles Gounter Nicoll, born as Charles Gounter in 1703/4, died 24 November 1733, was a knight of the Order of Bath.

Nicoll had two daughters: Elizabeth, and Frances Catherine (who married William Legge, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth), by his wife Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of William Blunden.[1]

Nicoll changed his name by a 1726 Act of Parliament, adopting the surname of Nicoll, according to the deed of settlement of William Nicoll.[2]

On 29 January 1729 Nicoll became MP for Peterborough in a by-election. He held the office until his death 4 years later (when the seat was contested again by a by-election).

Nicoll is buried in St Peter's Church in Racton.


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