Sir Padampat Singhania University

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Sir Padampat Singhania University
Spsu logo.jpg
Motto Wisdom[1]
Established 2008[2]
Type Private
President Ashok Ghosh
Academic staff 63
Students 1132
Undergraduates 1052
Postgraduates 66
Doctoral students 14
Location Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Campus Suburban, 101.6 acres (0.411 km2)
Colors White and gold         

Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU) is a private residential university located in Udaipur, India. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering. It has a management school that offers Master of Business Administration degrees. The university was established in 2008, and its pioneering batch of students graduated in 2011.

It is named after the noted Indian industrialist and member of the Indian constituent assembly, Sir Padampat Singhania.


In 2005, the JK Cement Nimbahera Foundation envisaged the creation of a university in Rajasthan.[3]

Sir Padampat Singhania School of Engineering was established in 2007 when the first group of engineering students were admitted into the BTech program. In 2008, the school was established as a recognized University, with the passing of the Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur Act, 2008 (Act No. 4 of 2008) by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rajasthan.[2] The act states that "Sir Padampat Singhania University is approved by UGC vide Notification No: F.9-8/2009(CPP-1) dated 13 April 2009 and is empowered to award degree as specified by the UGC under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956".[4]


The university is located on a 100-acre (40 ha) campus 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of Udaipur along National Highway 76.[5] The campus is recognizable by its distinctive white buildings, topped with yellow accents, reflecting the university's colors.

In keeping with SPSU's charter as a full residential university, the campus offers a wide range of services for students and staff, including campus-wide WiFi, 24-hour medical facilities, ATM, laundry, hairdressing and cafeterias.[6] Full meals are provided to all staff and students, and the same meals are consumed by everyone on campus (including staff, students, management and faculty). A bus service exists between the campus and the town of Udaipur. A private security firm provides campus security. All drinking water on campus is purified by reverse-osmosis water treatment plants. The campus is served by a dedicated electrical substation, and also maintains full power backup systems.


The University is governed by a privately appointed 19-member Board of Management.[7] The board includes representatives from international universities, multinational organizations and JK Cement. The university has two schools - the School of Engineering and the School of Management.


Please refer SPSU website


Sir Padampat Singhania University admits students into its undergraduate engineering programs via the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). The university participates in AIEEE through central counseling.[8]


The university awards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering, and masters degrees in business administration.

Degrees awarded by the School of Engineering[edit]

  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in the following streams of engineering:[9]
    • Biotechnology
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the following technical fields:[10]
    • Biotechnology
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical Engineering

The School of Engineering offers an International Masters Degree Programme.[11] This is a five-year program conducted by SPSU and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. Under this program, students spend first four years at SPSU and the fifth year at AIT. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a masters degree in engineering.

Degrees awarded by the School of Management[edit]

Academic collaborations[edit]

The university has established academic collaborations and partnerships with the following institutions:[14]

SPSU conducts student and faculty exchanges, guest lectures and student enrichment programs with these institutions.

Corporate collaborations[edit]

The university has established partnerships with the following organizations to provide additional training and workshops for SPSU students and faculty:


SPSU placements for students graduating in June 2013.

Number of companies on campus  : 79 Total number of offers : 413

   Student with 5 offer letters      – 1
   Student with 4 offer letters      – 10
   Student with 3 offer letters      – 25
   Students with 2 offer letters     -74
   Students with 1 offer letter      – 14


SPSU awards full one-year tuition waiver scholarships to the best-performing undergraduate student of each academic year. Additionally, the top students from each branch of study are granted partial one-year tuition waiver scholarships.[21]

Student life[edit]

Clubs and activities[edit]

Student-run clubs include:

  • Cyborg: Technical [22]
  • Electronics: Electronics club[23]
  • Concept: organizer's club which coordinates on-campus events and other activities.[24]
  • Arena: LAN gaming club.[25]
  • Atom: Table Tennis club.[26]
  • ASME: ASME, SPSU Student Section.
  • Blast: Music club.[27]
  • Cluster: Volleyball club.[28]
  • Command: Programming club.[29]
  • EDC: Entrepreneurship Development Cell.[30]
  • Electronics: Electronics club[23]
  • Elements: Writers' club.[31]
  • Endurance: Competitive/ recruitment exams training club[32]
  • Energy: Football club.[33]
  • Grand Master: Chess club.[34]
  • Gyrate: Dance club.[35]
  • Hackerz: Computer security club. Coordinated by Mr. Prashant Rai.[36]
  • Magnitude: Theater club.[37]
  • Motion: Cricket club.[38]
  • Power: Kabaddi club.[39]
  • Snatchers: Basketball club.[36]
  • SAE India: Automotive and aerospace club; chapter of SAE International.[40]
  • Target: Badminton club.[41]
  • Track n Field: Track and field club.[42]

The university also participates in the National Service Scheme (NSS) and maintains its own NSS cell.[43]

Electronics club SPSU[edit]

Electronics club was established on 24th Aug 2011 with aim to students feels electronics and they have proved it, their project was published in Times Of India, Ahmedabad edition on 19 March 2012. Members of electronics club have visited Pyrotech Electronics pvt ltd to get the experience of how an entreprise works ? if they could design something new then how they can be an entrepreneur with the same. for more details go to the website of respective club site.

Cyborg - The Technical Cell[edit]

Cyborg is a student-run and IIT Bombay collaborated Technical cell started in September 2011 to help students learn new technologies inside college campus and become industry ready. Cyborg has provided the following services to its student members:[44]

  • Linux workshops conducted by Aman Jain (student at SPSU) and certified by IIT Bombay
  • Robotics classes, regulated by EI Systems, Noida
  • Training and mentorship by faculties regarding technical projects
  • Other activities including Quiz, Website designing/hosting, Technical Extempore etc.

Concern - The Mentorship Cell[edit]

Concern is a student-run mentoring cell designed to help students adjust to college and derive maximum benefit from their time at SPSU. In 2011, Concern provided the following services:[45]

  • Admissions counseling for prospective students
  • Mentoring and counseling services for admitted students
  • Anti-ragging activities to maintain a ragging-free environment on campus
  • Mess activities, including menu selection, off-hour snack services, etc.


Panache is an annual event organized by SPSU students. It includes academic conferences and cultural events and is attended by academics, corporate leaders and university students from across the country.[46]


The university hosts its own TEDx events, which are organized by the student-run Entrepreneurship Development Cell. TEDxSPSU events were held 2011 an 2012[47][48]

FPGA World 2011[edit]

The university hosted the 8th FPGA World Conference in January 2011.[49]

Diligent Design Content 2011[edit]

The university hosted the India chapter of the Diligent Design Contest in 2011.[50]


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