Siran Valley

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View of the Valley near Sachan (2006)

Siran Valley, is a little-known valley, lying in Mansehra District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Like the neighbouring areas, this Valley also suffered greatly from the earthquake which hit the region on 8 October 2005.


The valley gets it name from the River Siran which flows through it. The main villages and localities in this valley are:

  • Bhogarmang
  • Bajna
  • Baffa
  • Dadar
  • Devli
  • Giyar Sachan
  • Jabbar
  • Jabori
  • Kodar Bala
  • Kodar Paein
  • Munda Gucha
  • Kotli
  • Old Bhogarmang
  • Panjul
  • Sachan Kalan
  • Sachan Khurd
  • Sathian Gali
  • Shankyari
  • Kodar
  • Tanda
  • Jacha
  • Dahrial
  • Sum elahimong
  • Richmora
  • Timmri
  • Kund Bangla
  • Sheed Pani
  • Dholgali
  • Tipran
  • Jhangi
  • Kalas Nawaz Abad
  • Sumang Kiasa
  • Mail But
  • Nulla


The Siran river is originates from the Manda Gucha Glacier and merges into the Indus River. The Siran Valley has a lot of natural beauty. People of the valley are very calm and peaceful. Visitors and tourists are warmly welcomed here.