Sirens and Condolences

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Sirens and Condolences
Studio album by Bayside
Released January 27, 2004
Recorded Phase Studios, College Park, Maryland
Genre Punk rock, emo
Length 39:48
Label Victory
Producer J. Robbins, Bayside
Bayside chronology
Bayside/Name Taken Split
Sirens and Condolences
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Sirens and Condolences is Bayside's debut full length album, released in 2004 through Victory Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Masterpiece"   3:44
2. "Poison in My Veins"   3:32
3. "Phone Call from Poland"   3:23
4. "Talking of Michelangelo"   3:38
5. "Alcohol and Altar Boys"   3:03
6. "A Synonym for Acquiesce"   5:17
7. "How to Fix Everything"   4:04
8. "Kellum"   2:36
9. "If You're Bored"   3:04
10. "Just Enough to Love You"   3:45
11. "Guardrail"   3:38
Total length:


  • "Just Enough to Love You" was the only song from the Bayside/ Name Taken split to have been put on Sirens and Condolences. The version appearing here is a re-recorded version
  • "Talking of Michelangelo" (track 4) is a reference to the poem, "The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock", by T.S. Elliot

Writing Credits[edit]

This album was the only one not entirely credited to Bayside as a band. The music and melodies were written by Anthony Raneri, while the lyrics were written by Andrew Elderbaum. The same process was used on the split cd with Name Taken.


  • Anthony Raneri - Vocals, Guitar
  • Andrew Elderbaum - Bass
  • Jack O'Shea - Guitar, Additional vocals
  • Jim Mitchell - Drums
  • J. Robbins - Production, mixing
  • Alan Douches - Mastering
  • Emily Driskill - Photography
  • Jason Link - Album layout