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Sirpur town.jpg
Sirpur is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Coordinates: 19°29′00″N 79°36′00″E / 19.4833°N 79.6000°E / 19.4833; 79.6000Coordinates: 19°29′00″N 79°36′00″E / 19.4833°N 79.6000°E / 19.4833; 79.6000
Country India
State Telangana
District Adilabad
Elevation 184 m (604 ft)
Population [1]
 • Total 1,617
 • Official Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, English, Marathi, Gondi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Sirpur is a village in Sirpur mandal of Adilabad district in Telangana India.[2] It is notable for Sirpur paper mills. The main source of income of the residents of Sirpur is cultivating paddy and vegetables. the population of Sirpur is 18000 as gauged in late 2011. December is usually the coldest month in this place with the temperature varying from 15 to 29 degrees Celsius. The summers are hot and the weather is generally dry except the south-west monsoon when the relative humidity is high.There are 14 wards at sirpur town


In 1724 AD Nizam-e-Mulk defeated Mubariz Khan and took possession of the Deccan and began to rule. In 1773 Madhoji Bhonsle entered into an agreement with Nizam Ali Khan, Nizam of Hyderabad by which he agreed to cede Manikgarh (Rajura of Chandrapur) with surrounding territories south of Penganga to the Nizam, in return for the forts of Gavilgarh and Narnala of Amaravati district - Berar. As a result of war between the British and Raghoji Bhonsale II, the latter ceded the territory of Berar to British who, in turn passed it on to Nizam under treaty and obligation for cooperation in war. Consequently Sirpur the ancient seat of Gond Rajas passed into the hands of Asaf Jahi rulers. The area was initially a sub district called Sirpur-Tandur carved out in 1872 and comprised Edlabad (Adilabad), Rajura (now in Maharashtra) and Sirpur taluks.

The district, named after Ali Adil Shah, ruler of Bijapur, was conferred its present status in 1905 with Adilabad town as its headquarters. Sirpur is the perfect boundary for Andhrapradesh while going towards Delhi.

Assembly constituency[edit]

Sirpur is an assembly constituency in Telangana.

List of Elected Members:[3]

  • 1978 - K.V. Keshavulu
  • 1983 and 1989 - K.V. Narayana Rao
  • 1989 and 1999 - Palvai Purushotham Rao
  • 1999 - Palvai Rajyalaxmi
  • 2004 - Koneru Konappa
  • 2009 - Kaveti Sammaih
  • 2010 - Kaveti Sammaih
  • 2014 - Koneru Konappa