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A view of Sirumalai from the View Point
Elevation 1,600 m (5,200 ft)
Translation Small Hill (Tamil)
Location Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India
Range Eastern Ghats

Sirumalai (Tamil: சிறுமலை) is a region of 60,000 acres (200 km2) situated 25 km (16 mi) from Dindigul and 40 km (25 mi) from Madurai,Tamil Nadu, India. There are many high hills in the area.[1][2][3][4] Hillock International School is located in Sirumalai.[5] Sirumalai is a dense forest region with a moderate climate throughout the year. The altitude of the hill is 1600 metres above sea level, and it contains diversified flora and fauna and a variety of animals. The Hill has totally 18 hair-pin bends and on the 18th bend you can able to find a church and a view point from where you can watch the beauty of Dindigul city and also the "Dindigul Rock Fort". The hill contains a small waterfall as well. The famous Sirumalai banana is slowly disappearing due to a number of diseases associated with it, which no one has been able to solve.[6] Sirumalai farmers, in order to get maximum business, have planted silver oak excessively to an extent that in many parts it has become monoculture.[citation needed]

Man made fires on the Hills have destroyed medicinal plants and threaten the fauna habitat. Fires are often set to promote vegetation growth used for animal fodder, clear land for cultivation or improve access to timber.[7]


Mathamalai Annai Veilankanni Church is situated on top of one of the hills. It can be reached by bus from the Dindigul bus stand (need to walk for 2 km approx. from the bus stop to the slopes of the Mathamalai hill). The local people takes festival for 'Our Lady Of Good Health' every year during the month of September with a flag hoisted prior to the festival.

Sirumalai Lake contains a small lake which was artificially created in the year 2010. Boating is available in the lake mostly during the weekends when there is enough water in it.

In the region of sirumalai the Agasthiarpuram is a holy place which people are believes that the siddas (monks) are living since ancient days. Also the area surrounded with lot of medicinal herbs and plants.

The famous Lord Murugan temple (Vellimalai Murugan Temple) is located in the mountain which is away from 45 minutes climbing over the valley.

Thenmalai is yet to be connected with road. This unpolluted and nature's glorious place will gives lot of pleasant and cool feel. From this view point we can see Madurai, Tamil Nadu maintaining the pazhapannai in the extend of 50 acres to supply the nursery and plants to the formers and growers. Which maintains the ecologiocal system of sirumalai and its surroundings.

We can watch Bison's, Deer (Kada Maan) and forest goat (kelai adu) and so many birds and small animals in this jungle.

Dindigul Malaikottai from Sirumalai View Point
Road view from Sirumalai View Point


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