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Sisimpur Characters Tuktuki, Ikri Mikri and Shiku.

Sisimpur (Bengali: সিসিমপুর) is the Bangladeshi version of the children's television series Sesame Street.

The first season of the series featured 26 episodes, and a second roster of 36 episodes was in production as of 9 February 2006.[1] A third season went into production April 2007 while production of the fifth season is underway[2] The series airs four times a week on Bangladesh Television (BTV).The program airs on BTV at 9:05 am on Friday, with repeats on Saturday at 2:15 pm, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:05 pm.[3]

USAID has committed US$7 million in funding over the first three years. It is Bangladesh's first children's educational program, and is expected to be seen by 4 million children in its first two years.

The creation of Sisimpur was described in detail in the 2005 documentary The World According to Sesame Street.


  • Halum is the Bengal Tiger. Halum was designed by Ed Christie and built by Rollie Krewson.
  • Ikri Mikri is the small blue monster. Ikri Mikri was designed by Ed Christie and built by Ann Marie Holdgruen.
  • Shiku is a small fox. Shiku was designed by Ed Christie & built by Victoria Ellis.
  • Tuktuki is the female Muppet. Tuktuki was designed by Ed Christie and built by Ann Marie Holdgruen.

The show has no full-body puppet character, and thus no equivalent to Big Bird. There is an equivalent to Big Bird who is on Barrio Sesamo. Her name is Caponata.

Human characters[edit]

  • Lal Mia: postman; the actor later died, and the character died within the show, ala Mr. Hooper
  • Mukul Moira: university graduate and entrepreneur (played by Chanchal Chowdhury)
  • Sumona Moira: local school teacher
  • Guni Moira: sweet shop owner
  • Asha Moira: Guni's wife and the local librarian
  • Polash Moira: Guni and Asha's son

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