1987 Aegean crisis

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1987 Aegean crisis took place in late March between Turkey and Greece, as part of the Aegean dispute. Turkey learned that Greece was starting to drill for oil in the disputed Aegean waters in the vicinity of Thasos. In response, the Turkish survey ship Sismik was sent to the area to conduct survey. Papandreou gave the orders to sink the ship, if found in the disputed waters claimed by Greece. The crisis escalated, and both sides threatened military action. This incident nearly started a war between Greece and Turkey.[1] The crisis was solved when the Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal announced that if Greece does not enter the disputed waters, then neither shall they; and made a phone call with the Greek prime minister Andreas Papandreou.

A few days later there was a conflict between border patrols which left 1 Greek casualty to 2 Turkish[citation needed].