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The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, located at 28th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the leading rehabilitation provider in the Upper Midwest. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute was created in 2013 by the merger of Courage Center and Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. The new entity, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, provides a continuum of rehabilitation services for people with short- and long-term conditions, injuries and disabilities in communities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Their goal is to improve health outcomes, make it easier for clients and families to get the right services for their needs, and reduce costs by preventing complications.

The Institute is named after Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian woman trained in nursing — the title “Sister” is used in British countries to designate a head nurse. Elizabeth Kenny’s work with polio patients and her pioneering principles of muscle rehabilitation helped lay the foundation for modern physical therapy. The original Sister Kenny Institute opened in December 1942 in Minneapolis while Courage Center started in 1928. Today, the Institute provides rehabilitative services to treat any short- and long-term condition or disability at:

Several Minnesota hospitals owned by Allina Hospitals & Clinics, including:

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