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Sister shows are two or more television shows which exist in the same fictional universe and which may have crossovers. They differ to a degree from spin-offs in that shows may air simultaneously, rather than being derived from, and replacing, another. The popularity of most shows is limited to a few seasons, and sister shows allow expanding the immediate audience and ratings share. This is accomplished by using mostly different actors and production facilities. Sister shows often shift styles or target audience slightly, for a larger overall market. Thus The Beverly Hillbillies emphasizes slapstick, while Green Acres emphasizes surreal humor.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was joined by a sister show CSI: Miami in 2002, and a second, CSI: NY, in 2004. CSI and CSI:NY had crossovers with Without a Trace and Cold Case respectively in 2007.
The Xena character proved popular on Hercules and a second show started.
NCIS is a spin-off from JAG; NCIS: Los Angeles had a crossover with the new 2010 Hawaii Five-0 series.
From 2004 to 2005, they featured a crossover storyline told on both shows.
Stargate Atlantis premiered during the eighth season of Stargate SG-1. Both occasionally had crossover plots. Stargate Universe likewise featured crossover character appearances.
Deep Space Nine began during the sixth season of The Next Generation. Several characters from the older series appeared in the newer, but only one episode of the older ("Birthright") had characters from the newer. All the Star Trek shows are in the same universe, and there were many shared concepts and characters.
All three take place around the town of Hooterville. Guests appear in Green Acres, although the plots are not linked.
Known for frequent crossovers, the latter was planned by William J. Bell to be a sister show. Characters have gone between the two series regularly since the 1990s.
Guiding Light was joined by a sister show, As the World Turns, in 1956 and was also joined by another sister show, Another World, in 1964.
Although The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen are explicitly linked, mostly through several shared characters and plot threads, the connection to Millennium is only concretely expounded in one episode of The X-Files and one episode of Millennium.
All created by David E. Kelley and set in Boston.
Caprica takes place 58 years before the events in Battlestar Galactica.
Happy Days is a spin-off of Love, American Style.