Sisterhood is Powerful

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Sisterhood is Powerful
First edition cover
Author Robin Morgan (editor)
Naomi Weisstein
Kate Millett
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Flo Kennedy
Frances Beale
Jo Freeman
Marge Piercy
Mary Daly
Subject Second-wave feminism
Genre Anthology
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Pages 602 pp.
ISBN ISBN 0-394-70539-4
OCLC 96157

Sisterhood is Powerful is a 1970 anthology of radical feminist writings edited by Robin Morgan, a feminist poet and founding member of New York Radical Women.[1] It was one of the first widely available anthologies of second-wave feminism. It was both a consciousness-raising analysis and a call-to-action.[2] The collection addressed several major issues including "the need for radical feminism, the discrimination women experienced from men in the political left, and the blatant sexism faced in the workplace.”[3]

The compilation included classic feminist essays by activists such as Naomi Weisstein, Lucinda Cisler, Kate Millett, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Flo Kennedy, Frances Beale, Jo Freeman, Marge Piercy and Mary Daly, as well as historical documents including the N.O.W. Bill of Rights, excerpts from the SCUM Manifesto, the Redstockings Manifesto, and historical documents from W.I.T.C.H. It included a document from the Black Women’s Liberation Group of Mount Vernon. This piece demonstrated the race-conscious “sisterhood” that some second-wave black feminists demanded for and was used by many second-wave feminists to communicate this demand.[4] It also included what Morgan coined “verbal karate”: useful quotes and statistics about women and a sizable bibliography which included a short list of relevant films, abortion information, names of Women’s Liberation contacts, and notes on the books contributors.[5]