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Sittaung is located in Burma
Location of Sittaung, Burma
Coordinates: 24°10′N 94°35′E / 24.167°N 94.583°E / 24.167; 94.583Coordinates: 24°10′N 94°35′E / 24.167°N 94.583°E / 24.167; 94.583
Country Burma
Division Sagaing Division
District Mawlaik
Township Paungbyin
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Sittaung (စစ်တောင်း) is a town in Paungbyin Township, Mawlaik District, in the Sagaing Region of Burma (Myanmar) on the right bank of the Chindwin River.[1] There is a highway running west to the Indian border which provides Tamu with access to transport on the Chindwin. This road was laid out in 1887 by troops under Major General J. J. H. Gordon to better link Manipur with Upper Burma.[2]


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