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For the town in France, see Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval.
Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Traded as FWBSIX2
Industry Car rental
Founded 1912
Founder(s) Martin Sixt
Headquarters Pullach, Bavaria, Germany
Key people Erich Sixt (CEO and chairman of the executive board), Gunter Thielen (Chairman of the supervisory board) Regine Sixt (Senior Executive Vice President)
Employees 3,052 (December 2011)
Sixt at Breitscheidplatz Berlin (Europacenter)

Sixt (Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG) is a worldwide car rental company located in over 100 countries with over 4,000 locations. Sixt is currently the 5th largest car rental company in the world[citation needed] and has a car rental fleet with over 225,000 vehicles.[1][citation needed] Sixt was founded in 1912 by Martin Sixt in Munich, and has continuously expanded internationally. The Sixt slogan is "Spirit of Mobility".[citation needed]

The company is owned 57% by the Sixt family. The remainder of the shares is traded stock. Several family members manage the company: Erich Sixt (CEO), Regine Sixt (Marketing), Alexander Sixt (Corporate Development), Konstantin Sixt (Online).

Sixt is the 5th biggest car rental company in the World[citation needed] and is the largest BMW car rental company in the world.[citation needed] Sixt is named after the founder's last name Martin Sixt.[citation needed]

History of Sixt rent a car[edit]

Sixt was founded in 1912 with three vehicles in downtown Munich, the vehicles he had were Deutz Landauler de Luxe and two Daimlers. It was originally called "Martin Sixt Autofahrten".[2] Then World War I came and all of the vehicles were used for the war. After the war the name of the business was changed to "Sixt Autofahrten". Then Sixt withstood the time of WWII by hiding three cars during the war. Once the war was over Sixt brought out these three vehicles and tried again to become a car rental company. Sixt was passed down from generation to generation and is now being run by the third generation of the Sixt family. Sixt has expanded through the years and has become the leading car rental company in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.[3]

Sixt international[edit]

Sixt offers car rentals in more than 100 countries.

United Kingdom[edit]

Sixt operates under the name "Sixt rent a car" in the UK and headquarters is located in Chesterfield. Sixt has over 150 rental locations in the United Kingdom alone.[4] Sixt has been operating in the UK since the 1970s.[5]


Sixt started operations in the USA in 2011, and plans to expand throughout the US with franchisee locations and corporate locations at every main airport terminal.[6] As of November 2012, Sixt had operations in thirteen locations in the USA, in four states, in the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Seattle, as franchises.[7] As of May 2014 Sixt has over 30 locations in the US and is operating in 10 states.[8]


Sixt was Bavaria's first car rental company in 1912. Sixt also became one of the first leasing companies in Germany in 1969. Today Sixt has over 460 car rental locations in Germany making Sixt (according to its own publicity) the leading car rental company in Germany.[9]

Sixt does more then just car rentals in Germany, Sixt has created a joint venture with BMW to create a car sharing program called Drive Now.[10] As well as myDriver a cheap limousine service.[11] Sixt is working on offering more mobility services then just car rentals.


Sixt operates a partnership in Australia with Redspot Car Rentals known as Redspot.Sixt.[12]


The Shlomo Group operates a franchise in Israel, under the brand Shlomo Sixt.


Sixt planned to open a branch in Laos in late 2013, a branch in Vietnam in early 2014, and a branch in Myanmar in late 2014.[13]

Sixt Rental Fleet - Vehicle Models available in the USA[edit]

Sixt's current car rental selection includes:[14]


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