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Sixth Avenue is a major avenue in Tacoma, Washington, which throughout a large portion of the city provides the division between the north and south numbered streets.

Previous to the construction of State Route 16, Sixth Avenue was a portion of the designated route through Tacoma to reach the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. As such, it developed as the primary east-west business corridor through Central/North Tacoma. The historic business district of Sixth Avenue from approximately State to Alder remains one of the most active business districts in the city, hosting numerous shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. Newer strip mall style shopping centers have developed in the portions of Sixth Avenue between Orchard and Jackson.

The SABD (Sixth Avenue Business District) has been a recognized business district in Tacoma since 2000 and became a recognized 501(c)(6) in June 2011, thanks in part to the efforts of the Board at that time: David Printz, John Toler, Troy Sapp, Chelsea Levy, Christopher List, Diane Hagen, and Nick Fediay. Some of the past Presidents of the SABD are: Bill Connolly, Christopher List, David Printz, Koreen Thompson, and Nick Fediay. The current President, elected in November of 2013, is Daniel Smith.

The Sixth Avenue Business District has an art committee that actively promotes the creation and installation of public art projects in the district. Works include murals, artist decorated garbage cans, sculpture and more.

Sixth Avenue plays host to the yearly "Art on the Ave" event, featuring art, food, cars, and live music in a section of the historic business district.

Day of the Dead is also celebrated on Sixth Avenue. Several paper mache classes are held and the public is invited to learn to make Day of the Dead figures. On November second a procession is held. There are musicians on several street corners and after the procession participants gather for Mexican hot chocolate and cakes.

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