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Sizzler may refer to:

  • A micro-mini dress with matching panties popular in the 1970s usually made of polyester
Business and commerce
  • Sizzler, a restaurant chain
  • In India, the term "sizzler" is used for a type of restaurant or cuisine featuring western-style grilled meats and vegetables served on a hot iron plate (similar to the plate used for fajitas).
  • Sizzler, the optional tripler (for non-jackpot prizes) in the lottery game Hot Lotto (known as "Triple Sizzler" in North Dakota)
Toys and games
  • The supersonic 3M-54E variant of the Russian 3M-54 Klub multi-role missile system.
  • Heuberger Sizzler, American homebuilt aircraft design.
  • A character from the British television series Brookside
  • George Sisler, (1893 – 1973), American baseball player nicknamed "The Sizzler"