Sjællandske Luftværnsregiment

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The Sjællandske Luftværnsregiment (English: Sjællandske Air defence Regiment) was a Danish Army Air defence regiment. On 1 September 1970 it was merged into Kronens Artilleriregiment. .


The regiment was erected in 1937 as Luftværnsregimentet, however, the regiment traces its history even further back, as it is heir to the old Kystartilleriregimentet (coast artillery regiment). The coast fortifications were in 1932 transferred to the Navy and the coast artillery regiment was disbanded. Some of the personal was transferred to 10. Artilleriafdeling (AA) which was turned into an air defense unit. 10.AA was previously a reserved AA in 1. Feltartilleriregiment (Kronens Artilleriregiment). 10. AA formed the core of the new Luftværnsregimentet of 1937, along with 13. AA and 14. AA

Names of the regiment[edit]

  • 1937 - Luftværnsregimentet
  • 1951 - Sjællandske Luftværnsregiment


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