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Skejby is a small village north of Aarhus in Denmark. The village is soon to be engulfed by the city of Aarhus, by the present rate of urban expansion and thus it has given name to the new Aarhusian neighbourhood of Skejby.

Archaeological excavations have revealed, that the area has been settled since the early Iron Ages (c. 500 BC), but finds from the Stone Age has also been unearthed.[1][2] Søften and Lisbjerg north of Skejby, are important archaeological sites.

The neighbourhood of Skejby[edit]

Southwest of the village of Skejby, is Aarhus University Hospital situated on the outskirts of a newly developed business park with offices, headquarters and institutions like Vestas headquarters, Rambøll, IBM, TDC Hosting, UNI-C and the institution of Professionshøjskolen VIA University College.

East of the expressway of Randersvej, is the mall of Skejby Centret, the headquarters of the television company department TV 2/Østjylland and several large stores like ILVA, IKEA and Silvan Byggemarked. The large stores are part of a lightweight industrial park stretching east to Vejlby.

The natural site of Vestereng, is just southwest of the neighbourhood of Skejby and the woodland of Mollerup Skov is in the east.



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Coordinates: 56°12′N 10°11′E / 56.200°N 10.183°E / 56.200; 10.183