Skeleton at the Feast

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Skeleton at the Feast
Live album by Gary Lucas
Released 1991
Recorded 1989 (1989)–1990 (1990) at the Netherlands and New York
Genre Psychedelic rock, blues rock
Length 45:43
Label Enemy
Producer Gary Lucas
Gary Lucas chronology
Skeleton at the Feast
Gods and Monsters
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Skeleton at the Feast is the debut live album of Gary Lucas, released in 1991 through Enemy Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Strong Seed"   Gary Lucas 6:14
2. "Guerillas in the Midst"   Gary Lucas 5:42
3. "Robert's Johnson"   Gary Lucas 2:14
4. "Hard Werken Fucked over a Man/The Reckoning"   Gary Lucas 4:25
5. "Hugh's Graveyard Stomp"   Gary Lucas 2:10
6. "Hitchcocked including Vertigo and Psycho"   Bernard Herrmann 4:10
7. "Tompkins Square Dance"   Gary Lucas 2:22
8. "Christmas in Space Medley: Bells/Little Drummer Boyee/Are You Experienced?"   Jimi Hendrix, Gary Lucas 7:30
9. "Aguirre/The Sheep Look Up"   Florian Fricke, Gary Lucas 5:34
10. "Scud Patrol/Flux et Veritas"   Gary Lucas 4:03
11. "Syd's Dream"   Gary Lucas 1:19
12. "Music for the Golem: Rabbi Loew Consults the Stars/The Decree"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 6:10
13. "Music for the Golem: The Junker and the Jewess"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 5:03
14. "Music for the Golem: Creation of the Clay Man/Astaroth"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 5:17
15. "Music for the Golem: The Golem Walks with Famulus, Der Böse Juden-Jüngling"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 1:41
16. "Music for the Golem: The Festival of the Roses"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 5:03
17. "Music for the Golem: In the Synagogue/The Vision of the Patriarchs"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 2:55
18. "Music for the Golem: Go Go Golem"   Walter Horn, Gary Lucas 2:55



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