Skene Square Primary School

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Skene Square Primary School
Skene Square Primary School Logo.png
Skene Square Logo
Type Primary School
Location 61 Skene Square
AB25 2UN
Local authority Aberdeen City Council
Students 402

Skene Square Primary School is an Aberdeen City Council owned and run educational establishment in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is one of the main feeder schools to Aberdeen Grammar School.

The school is set in a Victorian Building and also houses the Skene Square Centre which is a place to help pupils with extra needs but who do not need to go to a special school.

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It also ha a Victorian calls room on the 2nd floor of the gym which other schools come and visit and dress up like Victorians on the 3rd floor of the school there is an as, ble (????) room that used to be used to rent out the school has also an art room which is new to it also has 2 gp rooms are cupboard room it also has two after school clubs on the top floor Skene Square after school club and causeway end after school club that moved in when caswayend clashed down both of these club are ran by clickchild care severs