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Skigersta shore.jpg

Skigersta (Scottish Gaelic: Sgiogarstaigh) is a village in the south east of Ness, Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There is a quay built in 1901 and a shingle beach. Skigersta was a location for fish curing in the 19th century with the ruins of the curing bothies still visible next to the river and a man-made channel in the shoreline allowing easier access for the boats. The area of Skigersta near the shore is called 'Lachamore'.

A cargo ship the Dun Alasdair heading to America was wrecked off Skigersta in 1885 in fog.

To the south of Skigersta the moor begins and the road turns into a peat track; there are sheilings on the moor at Cuisiadar and if you follow the moor further south you reach the road at New Tolsta

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Coordinates: 58°28′28″N 6°12′49″W / 58.47444°N 6.21361°W / 58.47444; -6.21361