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This article is about the Producer/Artist. For the band, see Skitzo (band).

Dario Rodriguez (born in Bronx, New York, New York better known by his stage name Skitzo and various other names including "Frenyc", "Rod Rhaspy", "Odd One" and "Justin Zaine", is a hip hop record producer/rapper of Puerto Rican descent and CEO of Frenyc Entertainment. He is best known for his work on Cam'Ron's album Purple Haze Get 'Em Girls and co-production of Juelz Santana's Mic Check.


Influenced by Timbaland and Quincy Jones because of their diversity and knowledge in music, he was determined to become a great producer. Wanting to have a unique name that people would remember and how the music would sound, he chose Skitzo because he performed voice overs. He has shown his talent in every track he makes, diverse and intense. At the age of 15-years-old he produced his first beat for 2 way Alerts in 1997. In 2001, he was featured on the mixtape "We Bare Armz" by Loose Cannon and Bazaar Royale.

While working for Def Jam street team for six months and stopping by the office, he knew a Harlem native, rapper, J. R. Writer who was an influential person to his success. J. R. Writer was with The Diplomats and allowed Cam'Ron to hear his beat, which resulted in a gold album for "Get 'Em Girls".[1]

Skitzo has his own production label called Frenyc Productions[2] and in 2006 he produced "The Best Out", by The Diplomats which is featured on Fight Night: Round 3 by EA Sports.[citation needed]

Skitzo then went on to produce the majority of tracks on Cam'Ron next album which was to be titled "Public Enemy #1.",[3] but later changed to, and officially released as "Crime Pays".

Skitzo is now currently co-owner of DOLLABILLKIDZ INC, a Production corp which includes a collection of top notch producers and songwriters

Production credits[edit]

Loose Cannon and Bazaar Royale Bloodline Records Mixtape, 2001

  • "We Bare Armz"

Cam'Ron - Purple Haze, 2004

  • "Intro"
  • "Get 'Em Girls"
  • "Family Ties" (feat. Nicole Wray)

Purple City - Diplomats Vol. 5, 2004

  • "Diamonds and Pearls"
  • "Halftime Show"
  • "Sesame Street Shop"

Jim Jones - On My Way To Church , 2004

Dipset/Byrd Gang Volume 1: All Eyes On Zeke, 2004

The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity 2, 2004

Dipset/Byrdgang Vol. 2: The New Season, 2004

  • "Roll It Up" (feat. Agallah & Shiest Purple City)

Hoodlife CD - Various Artists, 2004

The Diplomats - More Than Music, Vol. 1, 2005

  • "The Best Out"
  • "Open Your Eyes"(vocals only)Produced by John Dolo
  • "If Only You Believe" (co-produced)

Welcome to Frenycville CD/DVD, 2005

Juelz Santana - Back Like Cooked Crack 2: More Crack , 2005

  • "Slow Down"

DJ Kay Slay & Papoose - Menace II Society PT. 2, 2005

Papoose - Street Sweepers presents Papoose: Moment of Silence, 2005

  • "Head of State" (feat. Saigon )

Juelz Santana - What the Game's Been Missing!, 2005

J. R. Writer - Writers Block 2 , 2005

Young Gunz - Get in Where U Fit In, Vol. 2 , 2005

  • "One Love"

Jay Bezel - Diplomats Present Jay Bezel: Philadelphia Beast Vol. 1, 2005

Papoose - "The Best of Papoose: The Mixtape, 2006

Cam'ron Presents Duke da God Dipset - "The Movement Moves On" , 2006

  • "Losing My Love"

Hell Rell - "Streets Wanna Know", 2006

  • "Monsters Pt. 2"

Cam'ron - Public Enemy #1, 2007

  • "Intro"
  • "Calm Down"
  • "The Cycle's Sick"
  • "Let Me Know"
  • "Bum Bum" (feat. Penz)
  • "What You Know" (feat. Penz)
  • "Glitter" (feat. Penz)
  • "Trouble Makers" (feat. 40 Cal and Penz)
  • "Killa Penz" (feat. Penz)
  • "Curious" (feat. Penz)

Hell Rell - Straight Out of Harlem, 2008

  • "Line Up Part II"
  • "We In The Club Again" (feat. Jay Bezel, Un Kasa)

40 Cal - Yellow Tape, 2008

  • "Hustle Skeme"

Cam'ron - Crime Pays, 2009

  • Crime Pays Intro"
  • Where I Know You From"
  • "Fuck Cam #1"
  • "Never Ever"
  • "Curve" (co-produced)
  • "Silky (No Homo)"
  • "Who"
  • "You Know What's Up" (feat. C.O. & Sky-Lyn)
  • "Fuck Cam #2"
  • "Woo Hoo" (feat. Byrd Lady & 40 Cal.)
  • "Cookies-N-Apple Juice" (feat. Byrd Lady & Skitzo)
  • "My Job"
  • "Homicide"
  • "Fuck Cam #3"
  • "Got It for Cheap" (feat. Skitzo)
  • "Get It Get It"
  • "Bottom of the Pussy"
  • "Fuck Cam #4"

DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz- Boss of All Bosses 2, 2010

  • "Intro"
  • "Nothing Personal" (feat. Rod Rhaspy) No Production artist only

DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz- Boss of All Bosses 2.5, 2010

  • "Amber Lamps"
  • "Sorry"
  • "I don't believe n****s Cam'ron Vado ft. Fabolous

Cam'ron & The U.N Presents Heat In Here Vol. 1, 2010

  • "Sextape" (feat. Felony Fame)

Vado - Slime Flu, 2010

Cam'ron Presents The U.N. – Gunz N’ Butta, TBD

  • "Clap"
  • "Hey Muma"
  • "Momma on Ya" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy, Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones

Boss of All Bosses 2.8 road to 3.0 , 2011

  • "Star" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy, Vado, Jaz (artist only)
  • "Picture" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy, Vado, Jaz (artist only)
  • "All Around" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy, Jaz (artist only)
  • "Cold World" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy
  • "Key 2 Life" - Vado, (Co-Produced with BUTTER BEATS)
  • "Star" - Cam'ron Feat Rod Rhaspy, Vado, Jaz (artist only)
  • "Makeout"- Cam'ron Feat Jim Jones and Sen City

Rich Hil S.Y.L.D.D. – The Professional, (Co-Produced) 2013

Papoose The Nacirema Dream. – R.I.P, 2013

Rich Hil Slickville 2. – Rolling Stones, (Co-Produced) 2013

Cam'ron - "Ghetto Heaven vol 1" , 2013

  • "Me Killa"
  • "Think you need love"


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