Skogfoss hydroelectric station

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Skogfoss hydroelectric station
Location Skogfoss in Sør-Varanger, Finnmark
Opening date 1964
Operator(s) Pasvik Kraft
Dam and spillways
Impounds Paatsjoki River
Total capacity 2,584 million m³

Skogfoss power station is a hydro electric dam near Skogfoss in Sør-Varanger, Finnmark on the Paatsjoki river.

The power station, which is owned by Pasvik Kraft, a subsidiary of Varanger Kraft, makes use of a 20 metre fall in the river. Although the power station is located on a river, Lake Inari in Finland is regulated as storage for all of the power stations in the drainage basin. The river is dammed at the power station, which also has a small reservoir in Langvannet. Following the damming, the water level rose to a level of 9 metres and many cabins had to be vacated. A Sami grave site also had to be moved following the regulation.

Parts of the dam pass over the Russian border.

There are two installed Kaplan turbines producing a total of 60 Megawatts. The mean yearly production of the dam is 358 Gigawatt hours.


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Coordinates: 69°22′30″N 29°41′57″E / 69.375113°N 29.699135°E / 69.375113; 29.699135