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Station statistics
Address SkoppumHorten
Coordinates 59°23′28″N 10°24′40″E / 59.39111°N 10.41111°E / 59.39111; 10.41111Coordinates: 59°23′28″N 10°24′40″E / 59.39111°N 10.41111°E / 59.39111; 10.41111
Elevation 39.0 m (128.0 ft)
Line(s) Vestfold Line
Horten Line
Connections Bus: Vestviken Kollektivtrafikk
Distance 99.54 km (61.85 mi)
Platforms 2
Other information
Opened 1881
Operator Norwegian State Railways

Skoppum Station (Norwegian: Skoppum stasjon) is a railway station on the Vestfold Line in the village of Skoppum, in Horten, Norway. The station is served with InterCity Express trains operated by the Norwegian State Railways. The station was built as part of Vestfoldbanen in 1881. There is a connecting bus service to Horten (7 km).


Skoppum was a third-class station, given a more extensive design than many other stations serving rural areas because of its function as a transshipment station between the Vestfold Line and the Horten Line. The station originally consisted of an office for the station master, a ticket office, a waiting room and a restaurant, run by the station master's wife. Next to the station building there was a building for handling cargo. The station also originally contained a locomotive depot, water tower and a turntable. The depot had place for a single locomotive, which was used on the Horten Line.[1]

At the time of the opening the station was staffed by a station mater, two telegraphists and two station workers. The station master lived in the four-room apartment in the upper story of the station building.[2]


The station is built on an island platform between the tracks of the Vestfold Line and the Horten Line, in addition to a third track which served as a passing loop for the Vestfold Line.[1]


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