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For other uses, see Sky City (disambiguation).
View from inside (2006)

SkyCity, originally known as the "Eye of the Needle,"[1] is a revolving restaurant situated atop the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. It features a 14-foot-deep (4.3 m) carousel (or ring-shaped) dining floor on which sit patrons' tables, chairs and dining booths. The floor revolves on a track and wheel system, which weighs roughly 125 tons, at the rate of one revolution each 47 minutes. The design of the rotating floor is so precise and balanced, that the rotation is accomplished using just a single 1½-horsepower motor.[2]

SkyCity serves Pacific Northwest cuisine and features local seafood, steaks, chicken and vegetarian menu items. The restaurant is considered fine dining, and has a casual dress code. The seating has been arranged so that every table has an unobstructed view of the Seattle metropolitan area.


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Coordinates: 47°37′14″N 122°20′57″W / 47.62056°N 122.34917°W / 47.62056; -122.34917