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Developer(s) InfoStreet, Inc.
Initial release  2012 (2012-Early)
Development status Active
Written in Ajax, Python, JQuery
Platform Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Web application
License Commercial licensing commercial software
Website Official SkyDesktop Website

SkyDesktop is a free cross-platform web desktop that was developed by InfoStreet, Inc., located in Tarzana, CA with small to medium businesses in mind.[1] The official launch was November 9, 2012 but SkyDesktop has been soft-launched since early 2012.[2] SkyDesktop is a single point of entry to applications hosted in the cloud[2] and mimics the look, feel, and functionality of the desktop environment of an operating system.[3] SkyDesktop delivers a desktop environment with the help of cloud computing, and hosts third-party applications designed to handle file management, accounting, collaborative tools, and integration of the client’s applications and files.[1][2] SkyDesktop features a dedicated third-party application store called SkyAppMarket[4] as well as a single sign-on interface, called SkySingleSignOn(SkySSO)[1] which integrates OpenID and SAML 2.0-based applications and websites.[5]

Browser and Operating System Compatibility[edit]

SkyDesktop supports a variety of Web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. In addition, SkyDesktop is also compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. The front-end user interface of SkyDesktop executes entirely within an Internet browser, requiring an Internet connection.[6] SkyDesktop relies on the programming languages of Ajax, Python, and JQuery.

App Partnerships[edit]

SkyDesktop features partnerships with various well-known, third-party app developers such as Google, Adobe, Soonr, and Memonic. The Web-based desktop is free but the applications inside the SkyAppMarket are available on a subscription-based pricing plan,[7] with many offering free trials. The apps inside the SkyAppMarket fulfill several basic categories: task management, project management, scheduling, document editing and storage, employee management, and online meetings, as well as basic office productivity apps like Google Docs, Soonr Workplace,[7] and SandGlaz. Each app also comes with in-house technical support provided by SkyDesktop.[8]


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