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Sky News has approximately 600 staff of which approximately 50 work on screen.

Main news presenters[edit]

Presenter Programme(s) Regular hours
Eamonn Holmes Sunrise 0600-0900 Monday-Thursday
Stephen Dixon Sunrise 0600-0900 Friday, 0600-1000 Saturday and Sunday
Colin Brazier Sky News 0900-1200 Monday-Friday
Jayne Secker
Martin Stanford Sky News 1000-1200 Saturday
Dermot Murnaghan Sky News
1200-1400 Monday-Wednesday
1000-1200 Sunday
Anna Jones Sky News 1200-1400 Thursday-Saturday
Lorna Dunkley Sky News 1200-1400 Sunday
Kay Burley Sky News 1400-1700 Monday-Friday
Samantha Simmonds Sky News 1400-1700 Saturday-Sunday
Jeremy Thompson Sky News at 5 and 6 1700-18:30 Monday-Thursday
Andrew Wilson 1700-1900 Friday-Sunday
Adam Boulton Sky News Tonight 1900-2100 Monday-Friday
Sarah Hewson
Anna Botting Sky News at 9, 10 and 11, Press Preview 2100-0000 Monday-Thursday
Mark Longhurst Sky News at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Press Preview 2100-0000 Friday, 1900-0000 Saturday and Sunday
Hannah Tallett Sky News, Sky World News 0000-0600 various days
Gemma Morris Sky News, Sky World News 0000-0600 various days
Philippa Hall Sky News, Sky World News 0000-0600 various days

Specialist presenters[edit]


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Dharshini David Business Correspondent
Tadhg Enright
Ian King Presenter, Ian King Live
Poppy Trowbridge Business Correspondent
Samantha Washington


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Gillian Joseph newsreader, Sunrise (weekends)
Isabel Webster newsreader, Sunrise (weekdays)


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Jacquie Beltrao Sports presenter, Sunrise
Sarah-Jane Mee occasional news presenter
Nick Powell Sport Editor
Chris Skudder
Charlie Thomas Sports presenter, Sunrise


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Nazaneen Ghaffar Weather presenter
Isobel Lang


Note: Sky News may use reporters or commentators from Fox News Channel or Sky News Australia for reports in those countries.

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