Skyline Drive (Colorado)

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Skyline Drive is a scenic roadway in Cañon City, Colorado. It was built by inmate labor in 1908. The road starts from U.S. Highway 50 with a gradual incline up the side of the ridge. When the road crests, it winds, climbs and falls like a roller coaster until near the end where a scenic outlook overlooks both the city (east) and the highway (west). Originally, there was a small stand for souvenirs but it has long since been removed. Continuing on from the scenic overlook, the road bends and heads downhill into what has been called "the Hogbacks." Off in the distance from the bend, there is a nativity scene and a 5-point star that are lit up from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. During the daytime, there is also a large letter "C" for Cañon City on the ridge face, as Skyline Drive is built on a ridge, or hogback. The road ends in a residential neighborhood and becomes a residential street that intersects with 5th Street, where signs point south toward U.S. 50 and "Historic Downtown Cañon City," allowing drivers to head downtown and return to the highway.