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SkyscraperPage logo is a web-based database of scale-model illustrations and diagrams of skyscrapers and other major macro-engineering projects, and tall structures around the world.[1] The site also allows for the creation of designs in the "vision" and "fantasy" category. Using these diagrams, skyscrapers and other tall structures from any cities are easily compared. General information is also given about each structure, such as the location, the year built, if available, and for multifloor buildings the number of floors. The website has over 22,000 custom made drawings of skyscrapers and other tower-type objects as of October 2008, which are submitted by the site's users, of which there are over 600 signed up as of October 2008. The scale of the drawings is one pixel per meter.[2] The images are created using pixel art .[3]

Skyscraperpage was created by Dylan Leblanc in 1998 as a database he started by submitting multiple illustrations onto the web and is now one of the largest and most active forums for discussing skyscrapers and the urban environment.[4] It also has an online forum with over 36,000 members.


On September 11, 2002, was spun off as a dedicated international forum similar to the SkyscraperPage forum that also covers architecture and other urban development in addition to skyscrapers.[5] SkyscraperCity now has over 900,000 threads, 800,000 registered users and over 81,000,000 posts.[6]

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