Skywest Airlines Flight 1834

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SkyWest Airlines Flight 1834
Accident summary
Date January 15, 1987
Summary Mid-air collision caused by pilot error on Mooney M-20 aircraft
Site near South Valley Regional Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Total fatalities 10 (all)
Total survivors 0
First aircraft
Type Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II
Operator SkyWest Airlines
Registration N163SW-disaster
Flight origin Pocatello Airport
Destination Salt Lake City International Airport
Passengers 6
Crew 2
Survivors 0
Second aircraft
Type Mooney M-20
Operator private
Passengers 0
Crew 2
Survivors 0

SkyWest Airlines Flight 1834 collided in midair with a Mooney M-20.


The SkyWest Airlines aircraft, which was 30 minutes late, was on final approach to Runway 34 of Salt Lake City International Airport when the collision occurred. The Mooney M-20 had just taken off from South Valley Regional Airport and had two crew, a pilot and a student pilot. The aircraft collided in mid air and fell to the ground. Bodies were scattered over a one mile square area. A temporary morgue was set up at a nearby church to identify the victims of the disaster. The main section of the SkyWest Airlines aircraft came to rest in the middle of a suburban street after sliding through a chain-link fence. Many people reported hearing a 'big boom' and then 'parts were flying everywhere'. In a later interview, the air traffic controller on duty claimed that the SkyWest Airlines aircraft was initiating a 90 degree turn when the collision occurred.[1][2]


The investigation into this accident ultimately blamed the Mooney M-20 instructor pilot for straying into the Salt Lake City airport radar service area. The investigation also criticised the lack of a Mode-C transponder and the limitations of air traffic control collision protection.[3]

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