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Slacks is a common term used to reference pants or trousers. This term is generally restricted to dress pants, usually of the pleated variety. Joseph Haggar of the Haggar Clothing Co. in 1938 claims to have coined the term and category "Slacks" as a pant that could be worn away from work, or during a man's "slack time". This claim is, however, clearly an absurd one, even if it actually was made by Joseph Haggar. "Slacks" in reference to loose-fitting trousers is a term that has been used at least as long as its first recorded use in 1824. [1] [2]

Slacks historians[who?] have long disputed the claim that slacks can only refer to dress pants, and have long lobbied to have jeans and sweatpants included in the category.[citation needed]

It could also refer to:

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