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Background information
Birth name George Carroll
Born 1977 (age 36–37)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Hip hop
Years active 2003–Present
Labels Suburban Noize Records, Leedz Edutainment, Commonwealth Records, Duck Down Records
Associated acts Ill Bill, La Coka Nostra(in group), Special Teamz(in group), Mr Hyde, MadChild
Website Official Facebook

George Carroll (born 1977), better known as Slaine, is an American hip hop MC and actor. He is best known for his work in the groups Special Teamz (with Edo G, Jaysaun and DJ Jayceeoh) and La Coka Nostra (with Danny Boy, Ill Bill, DJ Lethal and formerly Everlast and Big Left).

Slaine has appeared on several solo mixtapes and compilations, the Special Teamz album Stereotypez and La Coka Nostra's album A Brand You Can Trust. His debut solo album, A World With No Skies, saw release in August 2011, and he is also working on albums with both of his groups.[1]

Early years[edit]

Slaine was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He became interested in hip-hop after hearing the early works of House of Pain, Gangstarr and Edo G. Upon moving to New York City when he was eighteen years of age, Slaine became active in that city's burgeoning underground hip-hop scene.[2]


In 2007, Slaine made his feature film debut as the drug-dealing gun runner Bubba Rogowski in the Ben Affleck-directed film Gone Baby Gone. Affleck had read an article about Slaine in the Boston Herald and called him in to read for a part; though the rapper was a relative unknown with no acting experience at that point, Affleck successfully convinced the movie's backers to let him cast Slaine.[3] He later played Albert "Gloansy" MacGloan, a member of a Charlestown gang of bank robbers, in Affleck's second directorial effort, The Town, released in September 2010.

Both films included music by Slaine and his affiliated groups on their soundtracks. Gone Baby Gone featured Slaine's track "Nature of the Beast" and "Fallen Angelz" by Special Teamz, while The Town featured "99 Bottles" and "Run It" by Slaine. Slaine appeared in the 2012 movie Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, and Ray Liotta.[4] He appeared in Body of Proof episode, "Missing".

Musical career[edit]

Slaine began rapping at age 9, and after moving to New York as a young man, began recording while managing night clubs to make ends meet. Slaine hooked up with hip hop legend MC Shan, and through a chance recording session at the Lordz of Brooklyn studio, was introduced to Danny Boy O'Connor of House of Pain.

That introduction led to a production deal with DJ Lethal of House of Pain, which in turn led to the mix tape release The White Man is the Devil: Volume 1 and the formation of the Boston hip-hop group Special Teamz with MC's Jaysaun and Ed O.G. and DJ Jayceeoh. After the release of their self titled street cd, and a tour of Europe, Slaine joined hip hop super group La Coka Nostra, along with Ill Bill, Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal[5] and he continues to collaborate with many other artists. Special Teamz debut album, Stereotypez was released in 2007 on Duck Down Music Inc.. Slaine and Special Teamz are part of the Dirty Money Syndicate Crew which also includes NY hardcore bands Madball and Agnostic Front amongst others. Madball's frontman Freddy Cricien released a track under the name Freddy Madball titled "Gunshots" in 2009 which featured Slaine, Jaysaun and KO.

After problems with his planned first record, A World With No Skies, Slaine got back in the studio and recorded almost an entire new record, aptly titled A World With No Skies 2.0, which was released on August 16, 2011 on Suburban Noize Records.[6] Slaine also released the mixtape State of Grace on August 2, 2011 in promotion of A World With No Skies 2.0. The mixtape featured songs that had been dropped from the original A World With No Skies as well as new songs produced by Statik Selektah.[7]

In an emotional interview on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, Slaine discussed his possible retirement from music, citing the problems he had with the planned release of A World With No Skies and the issues he has with the music industry.[8] Slaine stated that he is likely to focus on his group efforts in 2012, potentially releasing both another La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz album.[4]


For Slaine's work with La Coka Nostra, please see their article.


Mixtapes, singles and compilations[edit]

  • Main Event b/w Spit It Out (with Special Teamz) (2005)
  • The White Man Is The Devil Vol. 1 (2005)
  • Rich Man, Poor Man (2006)
  • The White Man Is The Devil Vol. 2: Citizen Caine (2006)
  • A Boston State of Mind (2006)
  • Mass Movementz Volume 2 (2007)
  • Mass Movementz Volume 3: The Album (2009)
  • The Devil Never Dies (2010)
  • The Write Off Vol. 1 (2010)
  • The Write Off Vol. 3 (2011)
  • State of Grace (with Statik Selektah) (2011)

Selected guest appearances[edit]

  • Cam Meekins - "Tour" ("Blazed and Confused 2" 2012)
  • Chris Webby - "Take Me Home" ("There Goes the Neighborhood" 2011)
  • Moufy- Boston Lights (Remix)
  • Matty Trump - "You Don't Love Me" (Broke and Greedy, 2002)
  • Virtuoso - "Fahrenheit 911" (World War II: Evolution of the Torturer, 2004)
  • 7L & Esoteric - "Olde English" (Moment of Rarities, 2005)
  • Ill Bill - "Violent Times" (Ill Bill is the Future Part II, 2006)
  • Sicknature - "Never Say Never At All" (Honey I'm Home, 2007)
  • Stu Bangas - "Bangmatic" (Stu Bangas Volume I, 2007)
  • Big Left - "Kids" (World War Three, 2008)
  • The Camp - "Little Story" (The Campaign, 2008)
  • East Coast Avengers - "Lady Liberty" (Prison Planet, 2008)
  • Ill Bill - "Too Young" (The Hour of Reprisal, 2008)
  • Mr. Hyde - "Street Veterans" (Chronicles of the Beastman, 2008)
  • Sabac Red - "Darkness Deepens" (The Ritual, 2008)
  • Sabac Red - "Death and Destiny" (The Ritual, 2008)
  • Snowgoons - "The Hatred" (Black Snow, 2008)
  • 5th Criminal - "Dungeon Masters" (2009)
  • Amadeus The Stampede - "My Old Gold Chain" ("House Of Broken Mirrors",2009)
  • Freddy Madball - "Gun Shots" (Catholic Guilt, 2009)
  • Rob Kelly - "Dropkicked" (2009)
  • Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind - "Allison James" (Decalogue, 2009)
  • Rite Hook - "Belly Full Of Poison"(Eye Assume Damage, 2009)
  • Swollen Members - "Dumb" (Armed to the Teeth, 2009)
  • U-God - "Coke" (Dopium, 2009)
  • Matty Trump - "Get Outta Here" ("The Trump Card",2009)
  • Matty Trump - "Careful What You Ask For" ("The Trump Card",2009)
  • Adlib - "Hate My Gutz" (2010)
  • Chilla Jones - "Psycho" (The Juggernaut, 2010)
  • Click Animosity - "Gramz of Raw" (Feeders of the Flamez, 2010)
  • Falside - "Too Much" (Dollars Make Change, 2010)
  • Ill Bill & DJ Muggs - "Skull & Guns" (Kill Devil Hills, 2010)
  • Q-Unique - "No Turning Back" (Between Heaven and Hell, 2010)
  • Al-J - "Manslaughter" ("Unforgivable Blakness",2010)
  • Reef the Lost Cauze - "Suicide Slang" (Fight Music, 2010)
  • Reks - "Settin' it Off" (In Between the Lines v.2, 2010)
  • Snowgoons - "Put Em Up" (Kraftwerk, 2010)
  • Amadeus The Stampede- "Twisted" ("The Devil Made Me Do It", 2011)
  • DC the MIDI Alien - "Man Made Ways" (Avengers Airwaves, 2011)
  • Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz - "Metal in Your Mouth" (Heavy Metal Kings, 2011)
  • Apathy - "Holy Ghost" (Honkey Kong, 2011)
  • Moroney - "Nightmare" (Fahkin Moroney Khedd, 2011)
  • PainKillah Crew "Cocaine Cowboys Remix" ("Euthanasia", 2011)
  • Billions - "You Don't Know Me" ("A Secret Worth Billions", 2011)
  • Staxx - "So Cold" ("WritIn' My Mind", 2012)(Universal/Fontana)
  • Blak Madeen "Actual Facts" ("Divine Power Culture",2012)
  • Wisdom in Chains = "Top of the World" ("The Missing Links", 2012)
  • Mad Child "Grenade Launcher" ("Dope Sick",2012)
  • Swollen Members "Death to You" ("Beautiful Death Machine",2013)
  • Mad Child "Chainsaw" ("Lawn Mower Man",2013)



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