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Publication information
Publisher Archie Comics
First appearance Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) "Slash: The Evil Turtle from Dimension X"
In-story information
Team affiliations Foot Clan
Abilities Superhuman strength
Expert in a variety of weapons

Slash is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media. He was created by Kevin Eastman.

1987 TV series[edit]

Slash appeared in the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles voiced by Pat Fraley.

This version is an ordinary turtle that was mutated by Bebop and Rocksteady to carry out the assignments that Shredder wanted them to do. In this incarnation his obsession with palm trees was in particularly focused on the plastic tree in his bowl before mutated which he called his "Binky". When Bebop dropped it down an air duct, Slash went berserk and stole Shredder's Shaolin swords and then wrecked the Technodrome before being sent to Earth due to some quick thinking on the original mutants' parts. There, Slash ran into some corrupt businessmen that wanted to build condos in the sewers. After being thwarted by the TMNT several times, the businessmen decided to tarnish the Turtles' reputations where they decide to send Slash to destroy the Freedom Bell (a patriotic symbol in the city) which would give the Turtles a bad name. The Turtles eventually found Slash who was able to take on all four of them himself. He was eventually sent into space aboard a trash rocket, but the trash contained a small plastic palm tree, so he was content.

Slash returned in "Donatello Trashes Slash" where he apparently ran into an alien race of super-intelligent beings that put Slash into a machine that gave him genius level intelligence (gaining a British accent as prominent evidence). He returned to Earth with all sorts of fancy weaponry of his own design and planning to turn everyone on the planet into turtles so that he would be the supreme turtle. Slash managed to turn Vernon Fenwick and Burne Thompson into turtles and was planning to use the Channel 6 satellite dish to turn the entire city into turtles. Donatello tricked Slash by telling him that if he just turned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into humans, then Slash would already be top turtle. When Slash tried to blast Don, the heroic turtle threw Vernon and Burne into the way to revert them to normal. As Slash fought the Ninja Turtles, he fell off the roof and onto his head, which reverted him back to his low-level (even more so) intelligence. The Ninja Turtles led him back to the trash rocket and sent him back to space.

In "Night of the Rogues," Slash (alongside Rat King, Leatherhead, Tempestra, Antrax, Scumbug, and Chrome Dome) is enlisted by Shredder to help defeat the Ninja Turtles. After the Ninja Turtles defeated Shredder, Slash and the other villains eventually found out that they aren't getting paid and ran off.

2012 TV series[edit]

Spike, Raphael's pet turtle mutated into Slash in the Season 2 episode "Slash and Destroy", where he developed a personal vendetta against the other three turtles after Raphael blamed them for all his frustration and that how much he would do so much better without them. Slash agreed to this and said they should fight together in their own term of fighting crime, telling him to forget all about his brothers. While they are in pursue of a mutagen canister however, Slash ambushes both Donatello and Michelangelo, greatly injuring them and stripping them of their bandannas in the process. In shock, Raphael questions Slash why he's doing this to them, in which the latter responded he doesn't need them. In spite of this, Raphael comes to realize that he has gone insane and is forced to fight him to prove him wrong; however, Slash overwhelms Raphael, saying he has watched his fighting styles over the years and knew all his moves. Just when he is about to be finished off, Raphael punctures Slash's pressure point(like how Splinter does it to the former's), tripping him off the roof of the building and falls just as Raphael yells out his former name Spike and tries to save him but failed. Just when they realized he is gone, Slash apparently survived his fall and escaped, presumably vowing revenge. However, when Slash is next seen in "Metalhead Rewired" as one of the mutants that have been captured by the Kraang, when the Turtles free him from his prison, he simply gives Raphael a thumbs-up before departing the prison dimension rather than try to attack the Turtles.

He is voiced by Corey Feldman, who also voiced Donatello in the 1st and 3rd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.

Other appearances[edit]

Archie Comics[edit]

He appeared in the Archie comics series as part of a snapping turtle alien species. He lived on a tropical planet that was destroyed by alien invaders. Slash soon met Krang and made a deal with him to help him back to Earth. Under Krang's leadership, Slash fought the turtles while Krang sought a new body: Shredder's body.[1]

He met the Mighty Mutanimals in the last issue of their regular series. Slash ultimately sacrificed himself to save the turtles and their future counterparts.

IDW Comics[edit]

Slash is an experiment of Stockgen's that is freed due to April O'Neil's diversion to grab their Turtle Tracker. He punches out one of Krang's Rock Soldiers and escapes the lab into the night. Before leaving, he takes a miniature palm tree from the tank.

Prior to his escape, Slash, then called Specimen 6, was a snapping turtle that was injected with mutagen from Old Hob's DNA to turn him into another mutant to hunt down the Turtles and Splinter. As Specimen 6's size and strength increased, his mind became unstable and he turned savage which led him to be contained.

After his escape from Stockgen's, Specimen 6 lurked around New York as a mindless monster damaging property, scaring, and injuring people. The beast was called "Slash" for his slashing rampage. Slash's latest attacks were striking at Michelangelo's pizza delivery friend Woody with minor injuries and leaving claw marks on April's van.

Slash spotted the Turtles and decided to follow them after ripping off the black shirt of a thug the Turtles have just beaten and turning it into a mask similar to the Turtles. He followed them all the way to an abandoned church which the Turtles take as their new home. Slash then starts to attack them in the basement of the bunker shelter of the church. His strength and speed were too much for the Turtles even when they temporary subdue him. When Slash was about to kill an unconscious Michelangelo, Leonardo threw a shuriken at him to get his attention. Leo tried to reason with Slash that they were experimented at Stockgen's too, but the reckless beast jumped him and was accidentally impaled by one of Leo's swords. Slash pulled out Leo's sword and ripped off his mask then fell into the sewer system of the basement as he gave in to his wound.

Slash is revealed to have survived and is washed ashore. He is awakened by Old Hob, who somehow survived being shot by Baxter Stockman, Hob tells Slash that they should team up together to hunt everyone in Stockgen's. Later on, during the City Fall arc, Michelangelo gives Slash a candy bar which he instantly falls in love with. Because of this, Slash helps the turtles escape from one of Shredder's traps.

Video Games[edit]

Slash appeared in two video games. The first was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project for the NES, as one of the mini bosses. He jumps off the back of Bebop's truck. Here Slash fights with a long kris, and leaps around the screen, making him hard to hit. He also rolls himself into a ball and rolls up and down the screen.

He returns in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, the SNES version of the 4-player arcade game of similar name. He is the boss of the Prehistoric stage replacing the Cement Man boss from the arcade version. Considered one of the strongest bosses of the game, he slices with his kris in combo attacks and can block the player's attacks. If Slash blocks too often, he suddenly busts out rolled in a ball, knocking the player to the floor.

Slash, in both appearances, is based more on his action figure design and original concept, rather than the cartoon version. In addition to his kris, and unlike the other turtles, he has a pair of twin metal claws attached to a band on his hand.

Action Figures[edit]

Slash was made into an action figure as part of the 1990 Playmates Toys set.


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