Slauson Middle School (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

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Slauson Middle School
Slauson Middle School Ann Arbor.JPG
View of Slauson from Washington Street
1019 W Washington St
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Type Public
Established 1936
School district Ann Arbor Public Schools
Grades 6-8
Color(s) Gold and Red          
Mascot Golden Bears

Slauson is a middle school, and former junior high school, that is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is the oldest middle school still standing in Ann Arbor.

State fossil[edit]

In 2002, students from Slauson waged a successful campaign,[1] led by geologist Dave Thomas,[2] to have the mastodon named the Michigan state fossil.


Slauson follows the typical Ann Arbor Public Schools season length of five 8-10 week terms. Slauson's athletics are divided into two categories: sporting clubs, and athletic teams. Slauson's sports and club teams as of April 2013 include soccer, field hockey, cross country, wrestling, basketball, synchronized swimming, volleyball, swimming, softball, baseball, track, and tennis.[3]


Clubs in Slauson are typically held after school with similar schedules to clubs. They range from small hands-on activity groups to teams for nation wide competitions. Typical clubs include geobee, robotics club, drama club, and science olympiad.

Slauson has long been the only Ann Arbor middle school that participates in science olympiad. In the Spring of 2012, the Slauson won the regional championships which are held annually in Hillsdale College.[4][5]

During the 2009-10 school year, a newer club emerged known as the Little Dresses for Africa. In this nationwide non-profit program, students and their families create makeshift dresses out of pillowcases for various impoverished communities of the central regions Africa. The purpose of this club was to educate students on the various economic issues typically faced in Africa.[6]

READ 180[edit]

At the beginning of each year, students are typically tested on their reading comprehension. If they do not meet a certain criteria, they are sent to READ 180, an academic support program meant to improve the reading comprehensive skills of students who struggle.[7] READ 180 is designed to fit each student's needs by changing the classroom layout, mixed teaching methods, and smaller class sizes.[8]


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