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Stanislav Todorov Trifonov (also known as Slavi Trifonov) and Bulgarian singer, television presenter and producer. His name is associated mainly with the transmission "Slavi's Show", "Exiles", "Canaletto" and "КU-KU". Slavi sings with his colleagues in Ku Ku Band ethno rock style.


Early life Stanislav Todorov Trifonov was born on October 18, 1966 in Pleven. His father is from Gorna Mitropoliya, he is the youngest of the three brothers. His mother is Zdravka from Todorovo. He was named after his grandfather Stoyo. There are not many friends, except his sister Petya, three years older than him. Slavi said that till now she is the closest person.

Grew up in a strict family where the mother has a major role and holds a lot of education. Slavi and Petya are excellent students. He likes to spend more time reading books.

He enrolled in the music school in Pleven. In one of the school holidays he goes to camp Kaylaka. Although uncomfortable and out of place there, he decides to participate in the talent night where the different units are presented. Slavi says a few jokes Memorize from apocryphal audiotape of Shkumbata recorded roll and rotating repeatedly on tape Jupiter himself. Trifonov was surprised by the positive response and even called him for an encore. This he defined as the turning point in his life.

In 1985 graduated from SMU "Panaiot Pipkov" - Pleven viola. He graduated from the State Academy of Music "Pancho of Music."

"Ku-Ku", "Canaletto", "Exiles" and "Slavi's Show" Slavi Trifonov with Peter Kurumbashev and Luben Dilov son, he was the first producer of private production in the Bulgarian National Television.

His first appearance in the TV show Cuckoo is a sketch parody of heavy metal band, shot in studio 4 Television. Bring it Vladi Vargala, interrupting his meeting with then-girlfriend in cafe Saterichniyat theater. Trifonov remembers him wearing a drop-and a cistern from the toilet back.

In 1997, the show "Canaletto" actively participated in protests against the rule of Zhan Videnov.

In 1998, he became producer and host of "Exiles". It is downloaded from the BNT after a single broadcast on 8 February. Then two years in broadcast television seven days and other cable TV channels in the country. Distinguished by sharp political satire and strong participation of a group of "Ku-Ku Band". Main ideologists of the "Exiles" are writers Rosen Petrov Toshko Yordanov, Ivaylo Valtchev, dear Ivo Petrov and Siromahov.

On November 27, 2000 Trifonov makes the first edition of "Slavi's Show" on bTV. He is currently Director of Production Company "Seven-eighth" AD, where in May 2008 to his partner Rosen Petrov. The company produces mostly bTV and bTV Media Group. Their productions are Slavi transmissions, a vote of confidence, 5 Stars, and numerous reality shows on license - Beauty and all students had, Survivor BG, Music Idol 1, Dancing Stars 2 seasons aloud of Bulgaria and comedy show YouTube 5. as part of Slavi realize many reality competitions, features and other projects, and two mini-series - Where is brother? Brandy and Sunrise. The only transmission company, is not e aired on bTV, a musical reality show on his own idea Sing with me, have given up the competitive Nova TV.

As a singer issued 22 albums, with Ku-Ku, Canaletto, Outcasts and Ku-Ku Band. Makes numerous tours throughout the country, as well as a tour in the U.S. and Canada. In 2004 it was a duet with singer of "Antique" - Elena Paparizou called Why? ("Why?").

In 2005 Slavi Trifonov participated in the Bulgarian national final for the Eurovision duet with Sofi Marinova. When comes to perform her song "unity", however, they take the stage and Trifonov announced in an emotional speech that withdraw from the competition because the vote was manipulated through SIM cards for 50 thousand Levs, so to win the "Kaffe" the day of the final 12:00 to concert song "Kaffe" sent over 60 000 votes. With 48,803 reported SMS-and to support them against the duo lost 76,590's voice winner "Kaffe". Despite or because of this song is very popular.

The truth is that everyone in the room stood up for what most sincerely thank you because you are really Bulgarians. I want to tell you a few things. I'll tell them one - the only reason. Many times you have been lied to and I do not want to participate in something that's lying again. What I witnessed tonight is a lie. There is no competition! The organizers of the competition do not have the guts to tell the truth, but I am one, and you know me, you will tell her. Song that will win tonight would represent not a doer, not a group, and Bulgaria. Unfortunately, tonight the winner was bought. The purchase price is more than 50 000 lev. Winner of this contest will be one of my friends. This will be the "Kaffe". Until yesterday, for about three weeks, they had only about 3000 votes. Today at 12 noon generated over 60,000 votes - 10 or 12 000 sms or calls per hour. For no other artist has no such results! The technology is as follows - purchased SIM cards, many SIM is paid a hundred people to use them and vote for this group. It was bought vote! This victory was bought and it's not fair to any of the participants. It's not fair to Vasil Naydenov not fair for Orlin Goranov, Callie, is not fair and, as it is called, Gypsy Sofi Marinova. It's not fair for our country, because the song will represent Bulgaria and the money of a person. Indeed, it is selling our country. For me and my colleagues, our country is not for sale! It is not sold even for 50 000 lev.

Bulgaria is not for sale because it is the only one! Thank you for being here! I know you are not for sale, because you are unique! Thank you! I'll see you on Monday

In 2008 Slavi Trifonov was sentenced to 500 lev fine for contempt by address Nedialko Nedialkov, publisher of "Weekend." In an interview with "24 Hours" Trifonov Nedialkov called "the dregs of society, to be stuffed where it belongs." Trifonov has multiple lawsuits against so-called. "Tabloids' as the majority of them, he has won. Earned money he has donated to charity. In early 2013 Slavi Trifonov condemns company Magardich Halvadjian and Judy Halvadjian "Global Vision", which are producers of Lords of the air that they have violated the rights of "Seven-eighth" using excerpts from "Slavi's Show "misused.

Ku-Ku Band[edit]

"Ku-Ku Band" is a Bulgarian music band with frontman Slavi Trifonov. Established in 1993 with an initial staff of Slavi Trifonov, Evgeni Dimitrov Maestro Evgeny Jotov Ilia Iliev . Sound is the transmission KUKU, Canaletto, show Slavi. As in other projects such as Fife Stars, Idols 1 Sing with me, The Voice of Bulgaria 1 and 2. Has released 21 albums, over 300 songs, hundreds of concerts, tours 13 (1 that in the U.S.).

Evgeni Dimitrov-the Maestro synthesizer, piano[edit]

Evgeni Dimitrov – the Maestro was born on January 20, 1969 in the city. Sofia. Started playing the piano at five and a half years. His first "appearances" in family celebrations together with his father, where he plays whatever he had of Dad – drummer, bass guitarist, and the synthesizer. So learns almost all folk songs who knows. In secondary music school "Panayot Pipkov", g. Pleven, along with classmates, playing in TIG "Repriz". A little later – with Goji and Gerasim (former member of the Ku-Ku band) created the group "experiment" e xported many concerts as their own compositions with rock and folk elements. At Evgeni Dimitrov won the second prize of the national competition for young performers in Sofia 1982, first prize of the national competition "svetoslav obretenov" Provadia in 1986, and more. The musical growth of the Maestro was not easy, however, had to exercise a lot. In the initial course his father entered the notebook in which Evgeni says how many hours a day playing, and his sister to sign that. The two required years of army lines for Evgeni pass into the youth male choir to a representative ensemble of construction troops, where is the accompanist, choir-master and leader of the baritonite. Participated in several concerts devoted to the 200th anniversary of the French revolution in Sofia, Varna and Strasbourg, along with Sofia and Lyon filharmonii. The time spent in rehearsals, concerts and endless trips that help to "make friends" with all styles of music. In the army for the first time hears all the piano of Tsvetan Nedyalkov and wished to work together. His higher education Evgeni Dimitrov graduated at the State Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov "-Sofia, teach him the Prof. Ivan Dana and Prof. Lyuba Obretenova. For three years he studied organ under Professor Neva Krasteva. Forgotten over the years, lexicon of his girlfriend since 1984, reveals that at that time the question "what kind of post you want to take?", Evgeni has replied, "the Group's Organist, star. Apparently, Evgeny has caused the fate because in 1993 he was invited by Fame to play the promotion of the first album of "Ku-Ku band" – "Poke peppers in the bean." Since then, gradually begins to collect his old friends and acquaintances to come finally to the current composition of the ' Ku-Ku band ". The Maestro says that loves music, made with talent and professionalism, regardless of genre and style, but mostly Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Chopin, YES, TOTO, Earth Wind and Fire, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Sting said. Owns several synth-YAMAHA Motif 8, KORG Trinity PRO-X, KORG Triton PRO, but his favorite tool remains a 50-year-old HAMMOND C 3 Organ, produced in 1960, given to him by Slavi and his colleagues for 33 birthday. A curious fact about this tool is that it has been tested personally by Jon Lord, organist of Deep Purple only. Wherever he is with the group, Evgeny can always do music, arrangement, score or record because in addition to the keys on the piano, he retrieves the sounds and by the CPU of your computer. However, the result is one-touch of the keyboard turns into beautiful music. Evgeny is the musician who wrote most of the songs on "Ku-Ku band". Especially loved his album "Roma Tv" – best-selling album. The Maestro remembers with a smile, the story of the song "Dulcinea". He and Slavi compose it in Brown's Basu Studenstki Wartburg city. "Something personal" is the song that Evgeni composes especially for Fame. To make or listen to music really means to her "experience" and not to "understand". Because the music can not be covered by the mind, music can be comprehended only by the heart. "Music affects the feelings and. .. Don't fall victim to foreign opinions, listen to music that will affect you and will make you happy ... and she's the most abstract art, that's why it's so great... "– that's convinced Evgeni Dimitrov. And yet, that the job was his religion and passion, and the piano – the genius of the human hand.

Georgi Milchev-Goji bass guitar[edit]

Georgi Milchev-Goji is born on October 24, 1969 in the city of vratsa. I was born under a lucky star, it became clear the first few seconds of his life. The world appeared nedišaŝ and salvation came miraculously from a "second mother" – the nurse from vratsa hospital Vergilova. Only 6-year-old Goji is already playing the piano, and later on guitar, while wishing for drums. Another great passion was football and he appears as a regular on the pitch. In the period when they have to choose whether to go to a music school or to remain in the sport, played a game that unsuccessful and solves the dilemma.

Graduated from the musical school in Goji Pleven, where his fellow students are Ahmad, the Maestro and Gerasim (former member of the Ku-Ku band). Participate in the groups "North" (with Richard), "Repriz" (with the Maestro), "Electric Avenue", "Bravo Orchestra" and "Vatican". In his childhood he often Goji pranks the biggest white made to charity. For example, he sat in front of the store and asking for money for the children, who were 7 in the family and could not buy waffles. In his teens into trouble repeatedly Goji. In ninth grade, organized the escape from the Russian language, which at that time are seen as sabotage in the Bulgarian-Russian relations. This brings him unpleasant encounters with the principal of the school and politinspektora, and his father was threatened by exclusion from the party. Later, because of the train told political jokes, Goji is reprimanded by his closest: "then I would pop, they made me wear a kûmûr at the Firehouse. My grandmother called me "fascist" and as ideh in vratsa, don't let me go. " After the changes in the beginning of democracy Goji goes beyond country – playing on the ships in Norway and Denmark, delivers programs in England and Germany. Returning to the Bulgarian, eat some time with the most bizarre occupations, including as a merchant of paintings. On 1 April 1995 in Hall 12 of NPC is shot "Canaletto". Goji is an Assistant Director with tone-Milcho Danica. Then the Maestro invited him to a Ku-Ku band and fortunately it wasn't April fool. Goji has three solo albums ("afternoon of a Goji" 1999; "Sensation" 2000; "After you," 2002). Apart from music he likes and other arts – painting and poetry. He painted for his own pleasure and loves the objects from the past, because they give him the "idea" for the present, make him feel "alive". Goji writes poetry and is the author of the lyrics of many songs. There are two sons, to which o is very affectionate-Salam and free. Goji isn't a slave to fame, and believes that the more popular becomes human, the more lonely. Maybe that's why he strongly believed in loyalty, compromise, compassion, to your colleagues and of course in the power of music. His favorite bass is specially made for him by Michael Pedula, owner of the brand "PEDULLA." For their teachers in music shows: David Dalton, tsanko Bozajnikov, Okay, Marta Dansie, George Daher, Moni Venkov, Asen Antonov, Sala, Jaco Pastori″s, Marcus Miller.

Tsvetan Nedyalkov solo guitar[edit]

Tsvetan Nedyalkov was born on 19 April 1969 in Sofia. Of edinajsetgodišen began playing the drums and is very committed to this, but he was obviously not meant to be a drummer. Given that if it had not been lived on a street with a "beep" frontman Dancho Karadjov, probably would have been waving batons so far. Gaurav graduated with honors from the Sofia high school musical, and then was accepted at the State Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov". His higher education began with classical guitar and it ends with jazz and pop-music.

A turning point in the life of Tsvetan Nedyalkov's relationship with Evgeni Dimitrov-the Maestro in the barracks. Even then, the two began playing together and today it continues in "Ku-Ku band, which Ally's trademark solo guitar. The virtuoso musician has tools crafted by the master of the guitars, I trust the Eric Clapton. Between the "jewels" of Ceco are guitars Gibson and Fender 's, as well as handmade Zemaitis as playing Carlos Santana. The musician was adamant that a guitar is valuable when it is old, because then the tree is dead and takes out a unique sound. Tsvetan Nedyalkov has many awards from national and international competitions. His participation in phonograms is related to almost all the major names in Bulgarian pop-music. In 2009, Ivan Lechev Tsvetan Nedyalkov and Veselin Koychev is collected and implemented the project "Acoustic Trio 3000". The first ever guitar formation in Bulgarian creates the album "Yo-Ho". The music is a mixture of flamenco, jazz and fusion and is fully copyrighted, written by Michael and Janet. The work in the show offers the possibility to play Domino with numerous world music stars such as Manhattan transfer, M ecoforte, incognito, Name, Planet x, and more. Today, Tsvetan Nedyalkov teaches "Guitar" in the National Music Academy, in the Department of pop and jazz art ". Tsvetan Nedyalkov always retains the "ironic distance," as he often Boasts says. Those who know him, say about Cleveland that is deep water and there is an incredible sense of humor. He himself admits that he rests as a play often closes in the backroom, where are the tools, the computer where the read or smokes a cigar. The last habit takes a little reserved because I rather prefer a healthy lifestyle, but for now it allows. Tsvetan Nedyalkov is equally good at composing, as in playing the guitar. Recognises that both the pain and the good times provoked to create. "More important to me is the spark, the hunger for life, the desire of a man to continue forward." – says Dario. He admits that like the Eastern philosophy: "one needs to look at the positive things. To do this, for which I was born. I personally think that I've had tremendous luck to everything that happened to me. " Tsvetan Nedyalkov is married. With his wife have been together since school years – playing together in the guitar orchestra. They have a son, Martin.

Iliya Iliev clarinet[edit]

Iliya iliev, known as the Professor, is born on June 23, 1968 in Gorna oryahovitsa. Barely six years old, he was already playing the piano in his hometown, and by the fifth grade, begins the hard studying clarinet at The music school of trade unions in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. His higher education at the Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia and graduated with honors. Follow the multiple appearances. His career Professor Dang begins in a large Symphony Orchestra as an artist-bands-soloist-clarinettist. Makes numerous concerts and recordings of Opera, symphonic and film music with famous conductors, soloists and composers, among them luminaries as milcho Leviev, Raina Kabaivanska, theodosii spassov, Mincho Minchev and many others.

He has also worked together with renowned Ennio Morricone, who has been in the quality of the Bulgarian composer and conductor on the occasion of the implementation of the foreign film production. Characteristically, he has equally good types of Clarinets: in-clarinet, a clarinet, Es-clarinet and Bas clarinet – something that few would carry. Iliya iliev and Slavi Trifonov's colleagues from the Academy. Then, working together in the Orchestra of the national radio and finally Fortune collecting them in the band. Iliya iliev is the first musician Renowned in "Ku-Ku band" and in 1993 he, Evgeni Yotov and Slavi based "Ku-Ku band". For the clarinetist music is not emulation, and handwriting. "Music is unattainable," will tell you if you have the Ilijkata to explain the unexplainable, "she gave me wings to fly in the clouds, to live in a world that has no borders". In fact it is not difficult to find out exactly what is meant — just ask him to play any of his magic melodies. Elijah says that there is no favorite clarinet, because each of them has some memory and unique music experience. To get to these virtuosic performances, however, Ilijkata has gone through dozens of years of hard and constant work that has evolved steadily master skills and his musical intuition. Some of the most brilliant improvisations in "Ku-Ku band" are his doing. "Yellow Book" is one of his favorite albums, and the song that I like the most is "wedding" because it unites Bulgarian folklore with bandovoto sounding. The creative impulse osenâva Iliya in the strange, sometimes places and situations. For example, he composed the song "Devil" for three days, while waiting in traffic jams from the University to the NPC. With humorous banter colleagues from "Ku-Ku band" until today like to call the music product – "the song of the traffic jam". In his spare time he likes to Iliya Iliev enjoys fishing and eyewitnesses claim that always brings home many fish. His hobbies, however, is not limited only with fishing trophies. Elijah is also an avid Hunter. But even then he did not cheat on the music and brings with him invariably "hunting" his clarinet playing with the band for good. Another great passion of the Ilijkata is to establish himself in the musical tools for clarinet, as it alone creates tools and machinery in their construction. And if you see him some time to fully absorb the masters banged up clarinet, know that it does so, it will then play it with your soul. Colleagues from the ' Ku-Ku band "say that Elijah was a consummate craftsman, both in music and in cooking, in particular in the production of homemade brandy, wine and honey, and did not fail to express my admiration even in the air. The story of the influential title "Professor" comes from one of the tours. Iliya iliev makes the authoritative utterance: "nobody's going to interfere in the other's work!". Since then, the team began to refer to him with the nickname "the Professor" and Ivan Stoyanov fails to mark my Professorial skills of Elijah in every respect. In 2006, Iliya Iliev issued the first practical guide to performance of ornaments in the Bulgarian folk music on clarinet and saxophone, called "Folk secrets." Leadership enjoys a great interest not only at home, but finds its supporters around the world. Music Awards: • First prize at the 10th national meeting of singers and instrumentalists in Targovishte; • First prize at the 7th national competition in Provadia/specialty – clarinet/; • First prize for chamber music "Mozart" in Sofia, organised by BNR. In 2010, Iliya Iliev implemented the first national competition for wind instruments, held in the city of ruse, as the project was his idea, he takes up with the Organization, and with the sponsorship. Often they turn to young musicians for advice related to classical and folk music.

Evgeni Yotov saxophone[edit]

Evgeni Yotov is in "Ku-Ku band" from the outset. He was born on 25 August 1964 in Sofia. Ruse. Graduated From SMU "Prof. Valentin Stoyanov "in his hometown, majoring in bassoon, and then the National Music Academy majoring in saxophone. Krasimir Jeliazkov, him teach Svetozar Rusinov and Anatoly Daka, and part-time learns from Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, Bob Berg, Jan Garbarek. Evgeny selects SAX, because this tool complies with his temper. He likes the richness and beauty of sound. (The saxofon was created 200 years ago by a Belgian craftsman Adolphe Sax and has always been a symbol of erotica, romance and mystery in the melody.)

Anderson was involved in a variety of jazz and jazz-rock formations – "focus", "Parallax", etc., and also in the big band of Anatoly Daka. In 1988 he won the award for "best young jazz improviser".

Salim as a child dreamed of becoming an airline pilot. Today he recreated this aspiration in a hobby. After his friends Stoyan Georgiev and Dian Dimov trained him to fly at any given opportunity Evgeni selects the destination "airport near the village of Kaynardzha", Silistra, where getting on the flying machine and transfer into another dimension. Yotov is licensed as a private pilot in 2007 and holds a license PPL (Private pilot license). Can fly single-engine light aircraft, such as the most commonly fly the Cessna-172. We are currently training for the professional pilot and expect very soon to acquire professional qualification and ATPL (Air transport pilot license). In his spare time, the musician he assembles model airplanes. His greatest passion, however, remains to "fly on the wings of music. For it says that it is entirely positive emotion, although it takes him from the time for fun. According to Evgeni patience and persistence are the two very important qualities to possess any young musician. "A reasonable compromise" is a rule that you should, in your life. The most important double celebration of his life is the appearance of the twins John and Mary. Evgeni Yotov and playing the Tenor Sax Soprano Sax and "Salmer ', serie III, mark V I, model year 2000.

Yordan Yonchev trumpet[edit]

Yordan Yonchev-Gamza was born on January 26, 1976 in Vidin. She started with music on nine years of age, as in the beginning, playing percussion instruments. Graduated from the military school of music and became a trumpet player. In "Ku-Ku band" Gamza is coming in the spring of 1997 to replace sick musician but like him and remains permanently. Sam admits that his life has changed a lot from the moment he joined the band. "Spring burst" is his first recording with the band.

One of his compositions is a cult "dances with Wolves", decorated in the spirit of the great master of folk arrangements DIKO Iliev. Besides the hot rhythms, Yordan Yonchev can compose and heartfelt ballads. Proof of this are the songs of the duo Fame and SOFI Marinova – "love is poison" and "we're Guilty." His trademark are the improvisations, which expresses its essence, vgraždajki variety of nearly all the musical styles. Decorate your own style by inserting motifs from the homeland, as well as beautiful ethno elements. The solo of Gamza during touring blows up the audience and has become established as an integral part of the program. The vision of the trumpeter of "Ku-Ku band" is a reflection of the years spent in military school. Then Gamza puts earrings in a protest against the living. Says that keeps your hair from that time to remind him always how much worse can happen. By 2007, Gamza was married to the dancer of the ballet "Magadans" – Janet naydenova.

Venelin Venkov drums and percussion[edit]

Venelin Venkov was born on 28 August 1972 in Rousse. Bashir is the only child in the family. Playing with music Venelin Venkov begins with the piano when he was 4 years old. Follows the footsteps of his father, who was also a musician. From small Vanco manifesting his passion to another musical instrument – drums. The brilliance of yellow set "Ludwig", which had a band of his father prikovaval his whole attention. To play the drums until he grows up, because there was a risk of the joints and tendons, but after the fourth grade his wish became a reality and was already recorded drum lessons. He graduated from a music school and music school, and Academy of music. More in 7th grade Venelin Venkov began playing in rock band "Ognjen fingerboard, which rehearsed at the TRAIN Depot. Then come and his participation in the groups "Analogue", "an anomaly" and "gambling". Beginning with "Ku-Ku band for Venelin Venkov comes in 1995. During this time he played in a band "Bell's band", along with Joe, John and Christian from the band. Samuel is the man who leads a concert of "Zad Canaletto" on Stadium "Hero" for a sample. Although the metal type of Vanco, the sample is successful and the musician became part of the band. The musician has 5 pairs of drums. All are from the brand that has DW. In the Toolbox of Vanco and cymbals, handmade Istanbul Agop Cymbals company, Turkey, to where he travelled specially to make the order. Cymbals have labeled "A-Ku-Ku Band". Slavi Trifonov called Venelin Venkov "living memory of the Band", because he knows the number of all songs and albums of "Ku-Ku band". Vanco is also the main character in one of the clips – that of the song "the Witch", of which the authors are Georgi Milchev, Slavi and Evgeni. Today, except that it is strongly on drums, Glenn participates actively in the creation of the final sound and simple selection in the recording of the music of "Ku-Ku band". The song of "Ku-Ku band" "Bride Mori" made by ubava music of Fame and Evgeny, is among the favorite songs of Felix. Of all the albums recorded through the years, his heart is "Babylon", because with it he experienced his "baptism" in the Studio. Bashir is sworn tabladžiâ, and falls and pool and often with the Renowned "razc″kvat", but the results are definitely in favor of the drummer. "Break my nerves," admits Slavi Trifonov for their frequent losses thereof. Johnson's skills and here are hereditary, but in this case his father was adamant that Bashir is not in the category: "I am an" a "category, it is the" uh ".

Rady Brizuela percussion[edit]

Rady Machado is the percussionist Brizuela "Ku-Ku band" from the spring of 2004. He was born on February 26, 1973 in Cienfuegos, located in the Central South part of Cuba. Rady attracted the attention of musicians from "Ku-Ku band" that plays simultaneously on drums and timbales, which appears to be a very interesting combination, typical of the Cuban school. Rady received his education at the school of music, where he studied four years – from the 6th to the 9th grade. Then graduated from American College with a degree in pedagogy.

Playing the Congas, timbales, guiro, maracas and bongosi, also on the drums. In Cuba was the vocals in different groups. Defined as the new face of Latino culture in Bulgarian, Rady Brizuela presents authentic Cuban music with his band "iRé." Present music, which combines various styles – salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba and gathers people from all parts of the world.

Ivan Stoyanov rhythm guitar[edit]

Burgazliâta Ivan Stoyanov was born on 24 June 1971 in Burgas. Been extremely crybaby baby, and many used a child. "This kid is going to become a singer," commented the many crying newborn adult neighbor of the family. Regarding your specific eating habits in childhood, in his typical style Saby declares – "I am but now." Ivan's hundred percent – in his father is from there, and his mother – of Straldzha, – they met when she was a schoolgirl in Burgas. They have two children – Ivan's sister is younger than him.

Saby went little musical schools. In the second grade, he bought a guitar. "Very irresistible guitar. With Merak works. "– said he. She remembers that many like to play. Then his grandfather bought a mandolin and said, "teach this little one, then another." it turned out that the man in the shop asked for a small kitarka, and they sold him mandolin, but today the grandson is pleased that learned to play it. Ivan Stoyanov has completed Secondary music school in Burgas trumpet in specialty Nicolas Dake. Ends and national music Academy, where he currently teaches bass in Department of pop and jazz singing. " As Ivan Stoyanov dreamt of becoming a truck driver IFA – "Queen of the road". A story that has not had a dream to become a sailor, but has undertaken distant voyages as a child. This happened when he was in third grade, when with the Miso and the monsoon from Mach ' lats ' decided to go to Hawaii. Back the evening wet and sanded, and dosage home education. The invitation to join the ' Ku-Ku band "Ivan received by Tsvetan Nedyalkov, who is his best man, and by 2007 he was in the ranks of the band. Loves to play and sing rock & roll.

Christian Iliev synthesizer[edit]

Christian Iliev was born on 11 May 1969 in the town of Vidin, in the family of musicians. Because of the frequent trips to his parents abroad, he was raised by his aunt, who is a soprano and pianist. She directs him to begin playing the piano. This happens even when the Christian is a 5-year-old. A graduate is a children's music school – Gr. Vidin, where he began his first piano lessons, and musical theory. As a student, every year, giving solo concerts. He was accompanist to the choir at school, and Pioneer of the choir "Boyan Chonos," won the Grand Prize of the International Choral Festival in Llangollen, England in 1977.

During this period, repeatedly was the soloist and the Vidin Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Prof. Konstantin iliev, tsanko Delibozov and Andrey Andreev. Envisioned is Concerts for piano and Orchestra by Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Bach, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Rachmaninoff and Schumann. In 1981 she won the II-nd prize at the international competition for pianists in the town. Senegaliâ, Italy. The following year was admitted to the musical school "Lyubomir Pipkov" in Sofia. Sofia's piano class ass. Lidia Kuteva. In the course of training for "Accompaniment" in Prof. Andy Dalton played with the great violinist Vesko Panteleev – eshkenazy, with whom they have given concerts in the music school, and in the Hall "Bulgarian". In the 8-9th grade starts to listen "FSB" and in "pop" and "Jazz" music, to the dismay of their professors. It even excluded from school because of school, to go to a concert of the "FSB" in Plovdiv. So having to finish 8th grade as a private student. Christian meets up with Tsvetan Nedyalkov in the music school – they were both in the same class. Make a formation in which having Christian, in addition to playing synthesizers, and drummer without ever having played percussion instruments. Their group "Itermeco" exists for one year. His military service the pianist in the BACK of GUSV, where he meets up with Evgeni Dimitrov. Ilia iliev was their old soldier. Christian is sung and the people of the ensemble of the troops, as a baritone. He and pianist-accompanist. With the ensemble of BACK of GUSV take part in the tour in Strasbourg, as well as in concerts in the country. After the barracks, in 1990, was admitted to the Academy of music in two departments – "Instrumental" and "pop and jazz singing." In this period began to compose. In 1992, the Christian song "dream" wins the II-nd Prize "Golden Orpheus +" and the Special Prize for arrangement. In 1993, won the prize for arrangement of the song, performed by the vocal group "black and white" at the Festival "Golden Orpheus" in the NPC. In 1992-1993, Christian wrote instrumental compositions for the first transmission "hit minus 1". Then formed the band, which recorded the music for the show. Then creates the Bells bend, which is in stock – Tsvetan Nedyalkov, Venelin Venkov, Ivan Stoyanov and Ivo Zvezdomirov by a group of "they." In 1995, Christian graduated from his higher education in DMA majoring in piano. From 1996 to 1998. work in Norway and Sweden with a group. In 1999 she won the competition for pianists in the Bulgarian national radio and until 2003 was a major pianist. Since 1999, except in radio, he played in the band of Vili Kazasian. In BNR Christian has over 80 arrangements of children's songs by the choir "radio children" and about 40 – the Bulgarian performers. Record albums of Silvia Katzarova, Georgi Hristov, Camellia Todorova. Since 2005 working as a part-time accompanist in DMA of the students from the classes of Prof. Simeon Venkov, Assoc. Etienne levy, Assoc. Daisy Vlajo, Prof. Simeon Shterev. In the new Bulgarian University, works as a part-time accompanist since 2007 in the ass. Etienne levy and the AU. Nellie Daniels. In 2007, accompanist and a first edition of "American Idol." Since 2007 is part of the ' Ku-Ku band ". He has participated as a guest musician on the legendary group the FSB in concert on the occasion of the adoption of Bulgarian in the European Union in 2007 and in their tour in 2010 during 2011. participates in realization of the TV format "the voice of Bulgarian". Christian loves to listen to ballads, pop music, R & B.

Boris Soltariyski vocals[edit]

Boris soltariyski is one of the prominent representatives of the Northwestern culture in "Ku-Ku band". The singer was born in vratsa, 26 February 1982, but lived in the town until the age of three, after which his family moved to Sofia. Graduated from secondary education in College of management "Bratya Miladinovi" in Sofia. After graduating from the National Academy of music "Pancho Vladigerov", with the profile "pop and jazz singing."

In 1998 Boris Soltariyski launched his professional career becoming one of the founders of the rock band "gambling". With "gambling" Boris is for 6 years. Boris soltariyski became part of Ku-Ku band in 2004, after winning the contest "I sing in the Ku-Ku band". In 2009, is leading a reality project "escape to victory", and then the other projects in the show. Boris believes he can make a career in Bulgarian, and work abroad would think only if it is connected with the people with whom he works now.

Lilliy Stefanova Vocals[edit]

Lilly Stefanova was born on 22 March 1990 in Blagoevgrad. Raised in the spirit of religion and customs, since her father was a priest, and her mother, Secretary of the Church Board. However, this does not mean that her parents have no real insight and support the talent of his daughter. On The Contrary. These are the people who gravitate toward music at an early age and her recorded singing in the children's choir. Secondary education received in the school with Lily music class in his hometown with profile folk singing. Then graduated from the Academy of music "musical horizons" in Greece.

Currently, follows in the National Music Academy, profile "pop and jazz singing," and simultaneously combines the work in the show. Lily becomes part of Ku-Ku band after the lapse of the casting of "the voice of Bulgarian" and was invited by the team of the show, implements output. Lily deals with singing from 11-year-old. She has worked in clubs and piano bars in Blagoevgrad and Sofia. Extremely like Bulgarian folk music and especially the slow slow songs. The young singer does not hide that he most likes to perform Macedonian songs. "Sister invites brother" is one of her favorites. Other musical passion of lily's jazz. Ella Fitzgerald and Natalie Cole are among the performers, of which Lily sincerely admires. The Festival "Macedonia folk" in Blagoevgrad, first prize for arrangement of the song Gets the performance of lily.

Tsvetelina Grahič vocals[edit]

In 2011, Tsvetelina Grahič joins the ' Ku-Ku band ". Today it is an exotic addition to the international colour of the band. Born on 30 September 1991 in Bosnia. Chu graduated from the music school in his hometown of Zenica. She's a student at the National Music Academy, Sofia, profile "opera singing." Tsvetelina Grahič continues the musical thread in its kind. Her mother was her age when he formed his own group in native Sliven and often leads her daughter in the restaurants.

The experience since then has an influence on the musical development of Iverson and now she courageously performed on stage. The singer admits that loves teamwork and truly enjoys the invitation to become part of the ' Ku-Ku band ". Iverson liked both folk music and Opera, and split the music styles. But do not hide their frustration by more and more people tend to not listen and watch music. This is why the emphasis on the vision, and not the quality of the songs. And with a bit of sadness remember the true, good music, played by musicians in her family. Although he was born in Bosnia, where her father, Nelson has a particular fondness for Bulgarian. When I was born, her parents move in Sliven, because of the danger of war. After the war ended, the family could not decide where to settle down and for Iverson started a long rambling between Bosnia and Bulgarian. The time she spent here with his grandparents and connects it with a lot of warmth, comfort and protection, while in Bosnia have to cope with the difficulties in the absence of her mother, and so grow up very quickly. To be part of the two religions is a real boon, admits Ahmed. Her family honors as the traditions of the Muslim celebration of Ramadan and the Christian observance of Christmas. Nahum lives between two worlds and is grateful to his parents for that. Acknowledging that her priorities at present are to feel relaxed, to work and to have fun. Appreciates the opportunity to walk the path to meaningful change in their professional life.

Former vocalists of the Group[edit]

Alexandra Raeva[edit]

The former vocalist of "Slavi's show" Alexandra Raeva is born in Sofia under the sign of Libra on September 24, 1980, her parents-Elijah Darville and Natalia Bardskaâ, are actors. Alexandra has completed two medium-sized formations-School of music with piano and opera singing, and technical textiles. At the present time is a student at the Art Academy, majoring in advertising design. Talented beauty is realized and in the music, and in the fashion business. On September 25, ' 07 g. Alexandra Raeva opened the first store, together with his cousin Malena, with the brand "and GGATA" in Sofia. Alex was needed about a year to realize his dream – creating and launching her own fashion line.

Autumn – winter collection of "AGGATA" was presented with a review of the top models of the non-standard XGround, made up with the latest fashion trends of "lip glosses." The concept of brand is built with the idea to take care of the overall vision of the ladies. Outfits with the brand "AGGATA" are casual, sportnoelegantni and evening. K UH has a wide range of accessories and handbags. Alexandra Raeva was facing her guests in evening dress of the brand. Alex Darko really is one of the most visually izmenčivite ladies in BG. TU, Tu-blond with red hair, sometimes blatant brunette, Alex varies in weight like no other star of BG.COM highlife horizon. Not coincidentally, she is the undisputed winner of the prize for the most successful change of the image of "Pantene Beauty Awards". Alex falls in love with businessman Kamen Atov and even begun speaking about marriage. She was the third wife of Kamen. However, things didn't work out between them. Alex lost 15 kg and set the "recipe" for vtalenata figure Alex so: "harassment, a string of betrayals, including even physical abuse. Mine and left the storm in my heart. I am alone, the experience somewhat made me kapsuliram. I gave up entirely on dajvinga, you will soon get a certificate for instructor and I'm leaving for Australia, the large coral reef. Stuffy and it's disgusting. " She shared that her relationship with Kamen was the strongest relationship in her life that has changed entirely. "For the first time presented a man in front of his parents, they voiced their interest in a much more mature than me men"-Frank's Alex. "I've been out of a relationship, I felt screwed and robbed. On top of that I had to keep it secret. With Kamen first time I happened to catch a man's hand on the street. I cried, "she confides. The beautiful story of Alex, however, has a sad ending. "He gave up on me and I left. I like died. It's just that he was not the man that I loved and continue to love it doizmislila. And when he showed his true character and nature, there was no hope to stay with him. "Alex, however, categorically denied the rumors of an interrupted pregnancy from Kamen. "I so want to have a child, that I would be pohvalila if I happen to get pregnant. I'm almost 30, ready to have a child and then as Kamen was not worthy to be his father, maybe I'll go to the tube. The world so is subverted, that maybe a woman like me to do that than to stay with the ladies ' man and a bully for the sake of the child. " The singer says that many women hate her, even her loved ones. "I wouldn't if I was blonde with tits, pretty cutting-edge stuff chick. However, I am a flirt that can make any man to lose his mind, and not with the exterior and with around, and with what I have on the second floor. "in terms of the fashion brand her, Alex says he has decided to work with the talented designer Mira Bachvarova. Belle plans to continue with his musical pursuits. "The more I run away from it, the more I get things"-she says.

Dessy Dobreva[edit]

Dessy Dobreva became popular in Bulgarian as a background singer of "Slavi's show". She enjoyed three years viewers with delicate beauty and intoxicating voice. Smiling Desi had a great success and after she left the show. In May 2005 she left to pursue her dreams behind the ocean. Blonde beauty was accepted to study at one of the most prestigious universities of music in the world, "Berkley College of music. Diploma received only about one and a half years instead of four. The College's President, declared it as "an exceptional case". In the United States she doesn't just finish college, but got several awards: two of the Billboard World Song Contest and one of The Great American Song Contest and the Unisong International Song Contest. Her music is judged author by serious names in the American music business. Varnenkata has a serious music education before Berkeley. She graduated from the school of music with piano, as well as theoretical and pop Department at DMA. Dessy Dobreva marry his longtime friend Martin. And with Martin Zahariev sang in Duet for charity broadcast of BTV "the magnificent six"

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Nelly Petkova[edit]

Nelly Petkova was born and raised in Europe. From my early childhood, she is focused on development as a singer. Nelly studied folk arts my entire academic career as climax in my graduation from University with a degree in folk singing. Her passion for folk singing caused it to include its unique vocals styling into pop songs.

In 2004, debuted at the Bulgarian national radio, where, with the National Orchestra of radio, she recorded four songs. At the end of this year, Nelly won the contest to become vocal about the number one rated show in Bulgarian, Slavi's show and Ku-Ku band number of appearances occurred including over 1300 live performances on national television (BTV), more than 100 concerts in Bulgarian and abroad, three national tours: the "National Tour" (2005), "We Go On" (2007) and "No Mercy" (2009), on tour in the United States and Canada "American Tour" (2010). With the Ku Ku Band she recorded three Studio albums-We Go On (2007), No Mercy (2009) and Macedonia (2010).

Nelly petkova unique voice and presence are impressed many stars of world music and show business. Michael Bolton said the voice of Nelly's "great and extraordinary" and his performance-"phenomenal". The Hollywood actor Christopher Lambert, directed by Mike Newell, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), Violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy also were ecstatic about the performance of the talented singer. Nelly I had the pleasure of singing on stage with Boney M, Cypress Hill, Army Of Lovers, Scorpions, Snap, Asia, Ishtar, Toto Cotugno, Nazareth, Manowar, Uriah Heep, Accept, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Mezzoforte, Ricci e Poveri, Jon Anderson (Yes), will Salden of Miller Orchestra of Glenn, INXS, Elena Paparizou, Anna vissi, Tarkan, and many others. Besides musical projects, Elam has earned v″zhiŝeniâta of TV audience with her ease and charm as the host of Slavi's show, Dancing with the Stars and musical reality show on BTV.

In 2010 she became the face of the anti-smoking campaign "I do not want to be at Fault."

At the end of July 2011, Elam has announced that it is embarking on a solo career. She also presented its first single and video "the Lucky One" feat. Miro Gee. Only for the month of "the Lucky One" moved to the top of The Voice TV Top 10 and reached the top 3 of the official Bulgarian Airplay Chart. The song is also broadcast on Spanish CHR stations. As well, "the Lucky One" is represented in Spain by Universal Music.

In October 2011, she released her second solo single "Eto Tabar", part of his upcoming album.

Expand with his experience in the Spanish market, Nelly released "No Hay Nada Igual" by March 2012. The song garnered considerable radio attention.

In may, Nelly released "Take The Night", her second English-language, original song and video. Later this year, Nelly is set to release his first solo album and continued the tour in support of it.


2010-"American Tour 2010" USA and CANADA-sold 24,000 tickets 2009-"NO MERCY TOUR"-170 000 tickets sold 2007-"Keep"-200 000 tickets sold 2005-national tour "Bulgarian"-240,000 tickets sold.

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Albums (ethno rock style)[edit]

Poking peppers beans (1993)

Shatt dick head (1994)

Roma TV (1994)

Yellow Book (1995)

Exiles (1996)

Canaletto - The Best (1997)

A Ferrari with red color (1997)

Hello France (1998)

Ninth tragic (1998)

Babylon (1998)

No I do not want (1999)

Hour Band (2000)

The New Barbarians (2001)

Best (2001)

Vox Populi (2002)

Prima Patriot (2003)

Four beers and a band playing (2005)

We continue (2007)

No Mercy (2009)

Macedonia (2010)

One of the many (2012)


By 2010 Ku-Ku Band were over 10 national tours in Bulgaria and one in the United States.

I national tour of "Ku-Ku" - "poking peppers beans" - 1993

II national tour of "Ku-Ku" - 1994

"Canaletto under heaven" - 1995

"Viktory, Canaletto" - 1996

"BULGARTABAC, Canaletto" - 1997

"Outcasts - Voices Against Drugs" - 1999

"Victory - New Barbarians" - 2001

"Dissolution Tour" - 2002

"Great Patriotic Tour" - 2003

"National tour Bulgaria" - 2005

"We continue" - 2007

"No mercy Tour" - 2009

"American Tour" - 2010

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Tell me little white cloud[edit]

My country, my Bulgaria[edit]

How many nights I did not sleep,

how highway tread -

to return.

How many songs I sang,

how grief experience -

to return.

In my beautiful country

mother, father and wife


There under native sky

waiting for my child

to return.

My Country, My Bulgaria

My love, my Bulgaria

My sadness, my Bulgaria

When you ever love me back.

Even somewhere in the world

unknown to die

will return.

In my beautiful country

and the grass and dirt


Let the blade color

let wind known

hug me.

Let their home fields

to meet me with the song

when I get back.

My Country, My Bulgaria

My love, my Bulgaria

My sadness, my Bulgaria

When you ever love me back.

My country, my Bulgaria,

my beautiful country,

I'll be back.

Skolyko Noche I did not sleep,

How was expensive -

To go back.

How many songs I sang,

How much suffering endured -

To go back.

In my beautiful country

Mother, father and wife,

I would like to hug.

There, under the native skies,

My child is waiting

When I get back.

My Country, My Bulgaria

My love, my Bulgaria,

My sadness, my Bulgaria,

To you I will always return the love.

Even somewhere in the world

Someone unknown

Will be back to die here.

In my beautiful country

And the grass, and the earth

I would like to hug.

Let it be a flower stalk,

Let familiar wind

I embrace.

Let the native fields

Greeted me with a song,

When I get back.

My Country, My Bulgaria

My love, my Bulgaria,

My sadness, my Bulgaria,

To you I will always return the love.

My Country, My Bulgaria

My beautiful country,

I'll be back.

Music: Emil Dimitrov, lyrics: Vasil Andreev,

arrangement: Mitko Shterev

Dessy Dobreva and Ku-Ku band-Ludo Mlado[edit]